Super Six


Hey Hey!
So I know I promised pictures of my trip to Nicaragua, and they are definitely coming, I just need some time to sort through them all! In the meantime, I thought I would fill you all in on one of my 2010 goals that I am currently working towards…

One of my goals, among several, was to complete a 10k this year. I have only run one 5k race before and never run more than that. I decided to set this goal for myself so that I would start running on a more regular basis and you know what?? I almost accomplished my goal this afternoon!

That being said, the reason I have already met that goal is because I decided to sign up for Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run. Broad Street is a 10 mile run through Philadelphia on, you guessed it, Broad Street. The race is May 2nd and I am so excited to be training for this run. I would never have considered myself a runner before now, but I really am starting to love running. The weather here today was incredible; sunny and in the 60’s with a light breeze. It was perfect. I ran my 6 miles with a time of 1:01:35.

I definitely will keep you posted on how the training goes; right now I am off to make dinner with the BF!



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