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The weather here in Philly has been nothing short of amazing the past few days and today is no exception! I was able to get out at lunch and I almost wish I hadn’t because it was so hard coming back into the office. I can’t wait for 5pm to roll around – a run on the trail is definitely in order.

Even though I just started this blog, I have been taking pictures of food that I make/eat for awhile. The issue that I am trying to work out is that during the day I am in an office and if I want to post something, I have to bring my camera, card reader, etc with me or wait until I get home to post. I don’t want to have pictures on my work computer (and shouldn’t) so I wanted to ask those of you who have office jobs:

how do you handle uploading pictures and posting between two different computers? External hard drive? Online service?

Advice is greatly appreciated!

I wanted to show you a couple awesome and not-so-awesome eats from yesterday


Sunshine Burger with lettuce, mushrooms, hummus and hot sauce. So good!

Not so awesome:

Blood Orange! I was SO excited to try this fruit. I love everything blood orange flavored-sorbet, margaritas, lip gloss, syrup, etc. I am not sure if it was not ripe yet or overripe or what-but it was SUPER dry and had a metallic taste to it. So disappointing but I think I will give them another try sometime!

And last but certainly not least, something else awesome:

Drinks! B and I decided to go out for a few drinks with friends to celebrate St. Patty’s day. I definitely enjoyed one too many beers, but the one above was actually not beer, but cider! I can’t remember which brand is was, but it had a distinct pear flavor to it and tasted very crisp and refreshing. Cider was my drink of choice when I was studying abroad in London. In London cider was sold in liters and you could walk around the streets with it! Looking back that probably wasn’t the best of ideas (drinking liters of cider to myself  several nights a week 🙂 ) but at the time it was really fun!

Time to get going – I hope everyone has a lovely afternoon!

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