I know we all have them-cereal, french fries, soda, alcohol, sleeping ’till noon, the list goes on! I just wanted to touch on one that I hold near and dear to my heart: sweets. I am not just talking about cookies and chocolate, but ANYthing sweet. Sweet potatoes, granola,  Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar pita chips, oranges, mango, frozen yogurt- I could continue for hours! I would rather have pancakes for breakfast over an omelet, sweet potato fries over regular – you get the idea.

I realize that this may lead me to not  get all the vitamins and minerals I need, so it’s something I am working on 🙂 . What I try to remember is that I am not perfect; no one is! So there will be days when I overindulge (hello Pomegranate Margaritas last night!) and it just means that I have to “get back on the horse” the next day. Which is exactly what I did today! I may have eaten one too many tortilla chips and salsa along with my margaritas but it was accompanied by great company and conversation. So I am owning my overindulgence and getting back on track.

I started the day with a giant smoothie that included: soymilk, Amazing Grass, ground Chia, oats,  1/2 of a frozen nanner and some strawberries. It was tasty and kept me full all morning! Now on to my lunch in photographs!

I decided to try Caitlin’s combo of veggie baked beans and sweet potato but roasted my potato in rounds instead of leaving it whole. The combo was really good; something you will probably see again!

I haven’t actually eaten the orange yet, but B said it looked so good that he just had to try it ;). I am looking forward to it as an afternoon snack! Once I got back to the office I had a handful of jelly beans to appease my sweet tooth.

That is all I have for now; I will be spending my Friday night working (I moonlight a couple nights a week as a waitress!) and then preparing for what will the best weekend of weather for 2010!


What are your weaknesses and do you embrace them?


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