Switching things up


I am really struggling to find a time of day (or times of day) that I can write good, meaningful posts that make sense and are appealing to look at. I know it is going to take some time to get in the groove and find what works, but it is just so frustrating for me. I am very good  at being busy and staying organized and on top of things, but I get anxious thinking about trying to fit in time to blog. I am really liking it so far but its tough working two jobs, training for Broad Street and finding time to see my friends, family and B.  And then having time to blog-whew!

Does anyone have advice about how to better manage time and fit blogging into a crazy schedule? I read about people like Tina, Caitlin and Meghann who all have super busy schedules and still manage to have awesome blogs! I would love to channel even a tiny portion of the energy they have so I can make my blog as interesting and fun as I am! And with that, look for another post tomorrow morning-gonna try out the getting up early thing. 😉



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