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I have loved coffee since I was a little girl. Growing up, my Abba (the grandkids’ Spanish nickname for Abuelo) used to let me try his espresso after dinner when my family would visit. I was a goner from there! I absolutely love the rich taste of a dark roasted coffee/espresso. There is nothing better than a latte or a  black coffee on a sunny Saturday morning while running errands. It would be great if that is how I always appreciated coffee but once I graduated college and entered the corporate world, I began to look at coffee not so much as a treat but as an absolute necessity in order to function every morning. I would feel so tired arriving at the office at 8am that nothing but that cup ‘o Joe would get me going.

I decided that it was a bit ridiculous that I was relying so heavily on something to get me going in the morning. I was convinced that underneath my sleepy eyes and coffee filled brain that there was the real me, bright eyed and ready to conquer the day; without caffeine! So I stopped drinking coffee. I switched to decaf tea and upped my water intake. And you know what? It worked! I am alert every morning, don’t have that typical 3pm “slump” and have now started to enjoy coffee again on the weekends as a treat -not because I need it! Although I have to give credit to my willpower for not allowing me to crawl into the break room every morning for coffee, I need to give a little shout-out to this guy who helped me on my way…

The Green Monster!! These guys are everywhere! I discovered them through the blog world but have since noticed lots of non-bloggers who love ’em too! There are so many variations to the recipe but the tried and true (for me at least!) is:

  • 1 nanner
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 2-3 cups of raw spinach
  • on occasion, a scoop of AmazingGrass!

That’s it! Easy peasy. Not only is this a tasty way to start the day, but when I drink GM’s I can literally feel the energy buzzing through my body. So thank you Green Monster for helping me get through another day in Corporate America 😉 .

Now onto eats! Of course I enjoyed that green beauty above for breakfast and had some of TJ’s sesame honey almonds about mid-morning. They are pretty tasty and addicting-good to keep them in portion controlled containers instead of the bag! Lunch was a sunshine burger on a sandwich thin with a laughing cow wedge, spicy mustard and broccoli slaw – SO GOOD. I love sunshine burgers – look at this ingredient list!

Ground raw sun-flower seeds
Brown rice
Sea Salt

Mmmmmmm! I threw in an organic pink lady apple and some veggie chips throughout the afternoon

After work my friend Meghan came over and we got active! Meghan was nice enough to bring over one of her p90x DVD’s – Plyometrics.

I really didn’t know a whole lot about it so if you don’t either, here is the “official” Wikipedia definition:

Plyometrics is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in sports. Plyometric movements, in which a muscle is loaded and then contracted in rapid sequence, use the strength, elasticity and innervation of muscle and surrounding tissues to jump higher, run faster, throw farther, or hit harder, depending on the desired training goal. Plyometrics is used to increase the speed or force of muscular contractions, providing explosiveness for a variety of sport-specific activities.

Basically you spend the entire time jumping and holding different positions – it was really hard! Meghan and I completed 30 minutes of the 60 minute workout and rounded it out with a brisk 25 min walk. It was a great way to get in a little cross training and catch up with Meghan!

Meghan also had another reason for coming over – we were going to dinner! This past fall a group of us girls had a “girls night out” at the Melting Pot (yup! same one I work at) and had a GC left over that was going to expire soon. We decided tonite was the perfect opportunity to meet up and enjoy some cheese and chocolate fondue!

It was a lot of fun hanging out – you can’t go wrong with cheese and chocolate can you? I was totally beat after dinner and came home and went right to bed! It was gray and cloudy all day and I feel like when it is gloomy outside I am always more tired! Good thing today the sun is shining! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! 🙂



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  1. I made myself give up coffee after graduation also, now I only drink it Fri-Sun. That sounds like a fun girls night!