Kombucha Friday


I’m back! Weird to be posting twice in one day (at this point in my bloggie adventure) but I forgot to fill you all in on an obsession and newly formed tradition here at The Bright Side.

First though a quickie picture of my awesome lunch! I had a Black  Bean veggie burger with spicy mustard, Laughing Cow cheese and broccili slaw with a kiwi and veggie chips on the side. YUM!

OK back to the real reason I am here which is that current obsession of mine….

Kombucha Tea! I actually discovered this lovely tea through a friend from The Melting Pot – she is a really healthy eater and I love talking with her about new foods/fitness ideas. So after trying hers one day I immediately went to Whole Foods and purchased a few of my own.

So Kombucha Friday was born. Friday because, well–these babies are too expensive right now to enjoy every day and because I think the first time I had one was on a Friday after a Thursday Happy Hour the night before. Lets just say that this tea drug me from the trenches of a hangover and got me through my day! So the goal is to try as many flavors/brands of Kombucha and let you know what I think!

First up brand wise I am starting with GT’s Synergy. Today I had the Mystic Mango flavor. I have tried about three of  GT’s flavors and I am going to start with my favorite (so far).

Before I tell you what I thought, let me get my good friend Wikipedia up here to explain WHAT Kombucha Tea is:

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is imbibed for medicinal purposes. There is limited scientific information supporting any purported benefits and few studies are being conducted. Kombucha is available commercially, but can be made at home by fermenting tea using a visible solid mass of microorganisms called a kombucha culture or mushroom.

So basically this is a fermented tea with little floaty fungi in it. Sounds yummy right? Well it really is! The tea has a natural effervescence to it and has lots of microorganisms floating around to help your body! Now I am no scientist and can’t really say if all the claims they make about it are true, but I can say with confidence this tea has helped me with the following:

  1. Feeling more alert at work – it’s gives you energy like a cup of coffee but without the 3pm slump. 🙂
  2. Recovering from a hangover – yes I have, on occasion, had too much to drink and had to come to work the next day. These guys helped hydrate me and give me a little boost of energy.
  3. Upset tummy- ie: gas/bloating. TMI I know but hey, we all experience it. This stuff actually feels like it is popping all the little air bubbles inside leaving me with a clean feeling. Diet Coke certainly can’t do that!

So there you have it! The First Edition of Kombucha Fridays. I hope you will check back next Friday to see what flavor is next!

I am off to waitress for the night but check back later this weekend to see how my 8 mile training run goes!!



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