Farmer Jane


Not only did my body get a workout today, my green thumb got some exercise too! After my 8 miles on Kelly Drive with my sister (under 1:20:00!!) I headed home to my parents place  in West Chester to do some gardening! About a month ago my dad propositioned me with the idea of doing a “garden share” with him. I don’t have anywhere at my current place for a garden but would love to grow some veggies and fruits so my dad said that if I helped with the planting and upkeep, I could use some of their land to grow my plants! Perfect! I agreed of course and came home today to complete “phase 1” of project: Garden. The seedlings have to start indoors in a warm moist place so they can germinate and then be moved outside.

TA DA! It was not hard to do at all and now we just have to put them in a warm, not-too-sunny place until they sprout. I will be back in a couple weeks to help get the soil ready and plant these babies!

I love coming home to see my parents but I must admit, I have a couple other reasons for coming home… 🙂

Luna and Lucie! Luna is the family German Shepard. She’s my not-so-little buddy and gets so excited to see me when I come home – probably because she knows I will take her outside to throw the ball around. Lucie is my kitty from college. She is a sassy little girl and lives at home with my parents right now because my current living situation isn’t conducive to cats. I love these guys and get so happy when I see them. I can’t wait until I am able to have Lucie living with me again; I want to eventually get a dog! I have always grown up with pets and 100% plan on having a big awesome dog – no little guys for me! I need a buddy to run and play with 🙂

Gotta run for now – heading to my friend Lauren’s place for a girl’s night. Mmmm wine! See ya later!



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