Silly Me!


Sooo I got home from work last night at around 1am and out of no where it popped into my head that “OMG I wrote a post about reviewing Kombucha tea and didn’t even do the actual review!” I am such a dummy-ha I guess I got so caught up in other things that I forgot to finish the review in my last post. Sorry guys!

So I already told you how the tea made me feel, now how about taste? Well the Mystic Mango is my favorite so far for a  reason – I love mango! The flavor is not too sweet but is plentiful. It is smooth yet fizzy; the perfect combo in my opinion. We will see how all the others fare in coming weeks. I apologize this is in 2 parts – never again! 🙂

Right now I am munching on these bad boys for some pre-run fuel:

An Arnold Sammy Thin with Dark Chocolate Natural PB on the right and Vanilla Cinnamon Sunflower Butter on the left. It is my goal today to conquer 8 miles. Wish me luck! See you kids later!!!


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    • Thanks!! I did it and seriously continue to be amazed at how training for something and sticking with it will show you the results you want!

      Hope you had a fun visit with your bf!

  1. Wow-look at your blog! Haha-I wonder if anyone else we went to school with blogs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’m so jealous that you can run 8 miles right now b/c I’m sitting here w/ my leg propped up for another 5 days, and I’m going nutz! Good luck on the run. Sunflower butter sounds delicious by the way. Where did you find that flavor?

    • Thanks for stopping by! So far I am loving it and have you to thank – your blog was the first I ever read!! How’s the leg feeling since surgery?? We definitely need to get together sometime – Philly isn’t that far from DC! Oh and the SF Butter is actually from KathEats’ OpenSky store-Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Vanilla-SO GOOD! Have a good weekend 🙂