Happy Rainy Monday! Seriously, the weather in Philly needs to make up its mind! It was perfect weather 2 weekends ago and this past weekend was almost like winter again! Today it is pretty chilly and raining, blah. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though-70’s and sunny Friday/Saturday – whoohoo!

Backtracking to Saturday night, I had a fabulous night out with my girls. I met up with my HS friends Lauren and Meghan and we had some snacks and wine and caught up. We also participated in Earth Hour – basically from 8:30-9:30pm Saturday night everyone, all over the world was encouraged to turn off all the lights. I heard about this on Lauren’s blog – great idea!

After our Earth Hour, we went out and met up with Lauren’s husband for drinks and fun in town. It ended up being a really fun night – I haven’t been out like that in awhile!

I was definitely paying for all my fun Saturday night, on Sunday morning. I am not sure about any of you out there, but any time I drink more than a few drinks, I get terrible anxiety the next day. It is so strange and of course not a great feeling : – / .

Do any of you get anxiety the day after drinking?

My friend Meghan commented that she does occasionally and likes to call it the “Sunday Scaries”. That made me chuckle.

So what’s a girl to do the day after having a bit too much to drink?! Get fro-yo of course! Look at this beauty. My sister asked that I go grocery shopping with her and I said sure, as long we stopped at Sprinkles after!

I went with the Triple Berry Sorbet, the original tart and birthday cake topped with pretzels, blueberries and kiwi! So YUM.

Sunday was a lazy day and I hung out with B and we watched the new Discovery Channel series LIFE. If you haven’t watched it yet, do so! It is so interesting and what they capture on camera is incredible!

I sure do hope this afternoon flies by! I’ll be working at the MP tonight so look for more from this gal tomorrow!



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  1. If by anxiety you mean severe hangovers, then yes haha. I cannot wait until this weekend when it is nice again!

    • Haha yea it was a nice little combo of both!

      Seriously-this weekend is going to rock-80 degrees on Saturday?!?