So last night I didn’t get finished working at the Melting Pot until 12:15AM!!! That meant I wasn’t in bed until 1am. I rarely ever stay up that late even on weekends so I am seriously dragging this morning.

Only getting 6 hours of sleep really threw my day off and I am not really in the best of moods-we’re all allowed that once in awhile right?? So I started the morning with some millet bread. I WAS going to toast two pieces with some agave and cinnamon but in trying to break off two pieces (I keep them in the freezer) I cracked one in half…awesome-so I gave up and had 1.5 pieces this morning. For a mid-morning snack I munched on THESE:

Dried apricots, dates and chili spiced mango. If you guys haven’t tried Trader Joe’s Chili Spiced Dried Mango or Pineapple go out right now and get some. DO IT.

I really am feeling off today and I can’t tell if it is because I am getting a cold or because of allergies. It has been super rainy and this time of year the usually means POLLEN.

For lunch all I was craving was a veggie burger with broccoli slaw – I added some Annie’s Goddess dressing and hot sauce with a kiwi on the side – perfection. I really want to make my own vegetable burgers soon!

I am supposed to get in a 3-4 mile run today and am SO not in the mood; I feel tired, achy and just run-down. If this were 4 months ago and I was tired and not feeling up for a run, I would be riddled with guilt for not going to work out. Now though, my mentality is so different. I know I need to exercise to keep my body healthy and in shape but I also need to listen to it, and if it is telling me I am tired and wiped out, I am going to take it easy and NOT feel guilty! I know I will get my run in tomorrow and that is still just as good.

How do you all deal with missing a work-out and not feeling guilty?


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  1. Blah not well, even the fact that physical therapy will cause me to miss two gym workouts a week is stressing me out.

    • Yea I feel you on that one. I waitress a few nights a week and that eliminates after work runs right there. I used to be so good about getting in morning workouts but it has been SO hard to motivate myself to get up!!