Has anyone seen that commercial for/heard of  “Restless Leg Syndrome”? I’m not even sure if it’s on TV anymore but I remember seeing it awhile back and thinking that they must be making this condition up. But guess what, it is a legit condition that “leaves a person with the urge to move their legs to get rid of an uncomfortable feeling”.

Now I am not saying I have RLS, but the past few days I literally feel like I have ants in my pants! I can not sit still and get up from my desk at least every 30 minutes. I can’t tell if it’s from not running/being active the past couple days or if something is wrong with me. Any suggestions out there?!

At 5pm yesterday I literally ran from my desk to get ready for job #2 at The Melting Pot. Before I went I made myself a strawberry “milkshake” because my throat is STILL hurting! In my “shake” went:

  • 1  cup Almond milk
  • 1 Strawberry Chobani
  • handful of frozen strawberries
  • ice

(sorry for the blurry pic! still working on my SLR skills)

This definitely hit the spot and I paired it with a salad at work. I also munched on some honey wheat bread cubes and tortilla chips throughout the night. Got a good night’s sleep last night so I wasn’t a total zombie this morning either!! 🙂

So guess what decided to make an appearance at lunch today?? My soup from Tuesday night!

Now I know what you’re thinking-where’s the soup?!? Well that blob on top of the lettuce IS the soup! The veggies and grains in the soup absorbed the veggie broth and made this lovely cold grain salad. I added some blue cheese crumbles and viola! Perfect meal.

It is a beautiful day here in Philly and I have plans tonight to enjoy it outside! Heading for a run then going to dinner with B, the roomie and her bf! See you tomorrow for Kombucha Friday!



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  1. Haha well the background of your picture is perfectly clear 😉 Hope you had a lovely time enjoying the weather!

    • I know!! I have to work on the whole ISO/Aperture thing. I am taking some free classes soon so we will see what happens!