“Rear View”


Good Morning!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thursday-mine was lovely. I ended up going on a run/walk/errand trip that lasted about 4 miles and took 45 minutes. I had to run to the CVS and it just so happens that it is close enough to run to. I love being in an area where certain things are accessible on foot.

For my run I decided to run directly from my office and around town a little bit, ending up at the CVS. The first leg of my run took my over a bridge. It’s a large bridge (5 lanes!) that  goes over the Schuylkill River.

Before I move on I want to mention that running in front of people sometimes makes me nervous.

So at this point I have almost made it to the end of the bridge. Just as I was getting ready to turn off onto another road I hear someone yell “your butt cheek is showing!!”

Um, what?!? I think my face probably turned 5 shades of red and all I wanted to do was dive under the closest bush and hide. The running shorts I had on where not super short, but probably shorter than other pairs I own. I can only imagine that the “rear view” for the drivers on the bridge looked something like this:


Haha OK I’m only kidding. It wasn’t that bad. Whatever wardrobe malfunction occurred on my end definitely could not be as bad as Britney’s bum in that picture! Sorry if this is a little TMI but after I got over being totally embarrassed I actually laughed out loud while running. I mean of course I fixed my shorts first 🙂 . I’m brushing off the fact that rush hour traffic saw my rear end knowing that it is probably the first of many awkward moments I’ll have in running.

After baring it all to the world I showered and got ready for dinner with B, the roomie and her bf. My roomie and her boyfriend invited us along to the Merion Cricket Club and it was a great time! We had some drinks on the patio and then sat down to dinner. I ordered the Salmon sandwich with sweet potato fries. (Sorry no picture!) The salmon was actually cold, smoked salmon which is my favorite! It was served on whole wheat bread with lettuce, sun dried tomato and a cream cheese/pesto type sauce. I had half and can’t wait to enjoy the rest for lunch today.

After dinner we grabbed a drink at a bar/restaurant right near my house and called it a night. I wasn’t feeling too hot at this point; I think I didn’t hydrate properly after my run.

Gotta run for now.



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  1. Haha omg I would be mortified! I hate running along popular roads, I’m always afraid someone I know is going to see me and judge how slow I’m going. Haha hopefully your wardrobe malfunction was not as major as Brit Brit’s.

    • haha I am sitting here laughing as I think about it. Thank GOD I had a hat on so no one could see how red my face was. I like Kelly Drive because it sits back from the road during parts of it!