Tea Time!


Up for review this week: GT’s Kombucha Synergy – Trilogy Flavor!

This bad boy is packed full of organic raw kombucha, raspberry juice, lemon juice, and fresh pressed ginger juice. At first sip it has a very distinct ginger taste; very reminiscent of the ginger that comes on a sushi plate. It is very refreshing and you pick up on the lemon with a sweet hint of raspberry at the end. I really like this flavor a lot because it isn’t super sweet (even though I am a sweet fiend and loved the  Mystic Mango, I also appreciate fresh, tart flavors as well).

I really love the way I feel after having a Kombucha Tea. They give you a zing of energy and an all around feeling of alertness. All in all, I give this flavor an 8 out of 10!

Backing up now to lunch…if you live in the Philly area you know what I am talking about when I say FINALLY!!!!!! I mean after three MAJOR snow storms this winter and less than stellar weather the past week or so, it is about time we had an amazing weekend. Sure, there was that random tease of a nice weekend back in March but I think weekend can officially be called the start of SPRING!

To kick off an amazing weekend B and I had lunch outside on my deck.  I had the other half of my salmon sammy from dinner yesterday along with a mixed green salad with blue cheese, red onion and organic raspberry vinaigrette.

I felt like I was dining al fresco somewhere in the city! I had a great meal, great weather and great company. Perfect! I was super hungry and couldn’t wait to chow down!

I hand a handful of M&M’s to satisfy my sweet tooth after 🙂

And for the cherry on top, our office is closing early today!! I am so excited to have a few extra hours to enjoy to myself! Gotta run a few errands then heading over to B’s place for some drinks and grilling with friends!



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