Running and Gardens and Bunnies Oh My!


Hey hey-

Sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth!! I had a busy weekend and work has been swiftly moving along so I haven’t been near a computer too much. Kind of a nice thing once in awhile 🙂 .

Backing ALL the way up to Friday, I had gotten out of work early (thanks boss!) and headed over to B’s to grill out. A group of us cooked up a storm and I enjoyed grilled eggplant and zuccini, roasted sweet potatoes and salad. We got to eat outside and it was perfect! A great way to kick off the weekend. Rounded out the night by watching The Blind Side. Anyone see it?? I thought it was so good! I love Sandra Bullock and she did an amazing job in her role. Jesse James sure did mess up big time losing her!

Saturday morning I woke up to conquer the 9 miles on my training plan. This photo shows a smiling happy Steph, which was BEFORE I ran. Lets just say that these 9 miles were NOT fun. For some reason I got through the first 5 no problem and instantly it felt like someone had tied 10 lb weights to each of my legs. They were SO tight and I could not feasibly run without stopping to walk. So that is what I did. I ran/walked the last 4 miles and it ended up being OK. Sure my time wasn’t that great but it was a beautiful day on Kelly Drive and I didn’t mind! Looking forward to getting back on track and taking on 10 this weekend! After my run I swung by a local farmers market and picked up a fresh squeezed carrot, orange ginger juice. It was tasty and the freshness of the fresh squeezed fuits/veggies was out of this world. I’ve decided I NEED a juicer!!

Saturday was a pretty lazy day after that. My foot was bothering me a little from my run so I rested for a bit and then did my grocery shopping. Usually I go on Sundays (note to self: Sundays = mayhem in grocery stores) but decided to head out Saturday; good idea on my part! I was able to make it to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Giant quickly and be home for an awesome dinner:

I had these vegan dumplings that I picked up from Whole Foods.  In side the whole wheat dumpling was sprouts, cabbage, mushies, carrots and more! They had a thai seasoning on the outside. I paired them with some broccoli slaw (my new love). Whole Foods has the best prepared foods section, don’t you agree? I love it there!

Easter Sunday I went to my parent’s for brunch and to see my sisters. I was having Easter dinner with B’s family so I wanted to see mine before I headed over there. My dad made such a good breakfast of whole wheat french toast, scrambled eggs and fresh berries! I got a fun little basket of goodies from my parents as well :). You’re never too old for an Easter basket, right??

While at home I was able to check up on my “crops” as B has taken to calling them. Take a look!

JK the last photo isn’t something I grew; they’re tulips from my parents! But I was so excited to see how much the fruits/veggies have sprouted and grown since we planted them!

These little guys will probably need a few more weeks to grow inside and then we will head outdoors to plant them in the garden. It’s funny because not only are my Dad and I growing “crops” but B and his friend have started their own garden too. Not only does this mean we will have PLENTY of fruits/veggies this summer and fall but it also mean we have a nice healthy competition going to see whose garden will be the best. Here are a few snap shots of B’s sprouts (who have a week’s headstart on mine!)”

They are growing like crazy so look out for updates in the coming weeks! I’ve got to run but I want to leave you with a few pictures of some spring flowers I snapped while at my parents. They always have the prettiest flowers at home! Check back here tomorrow for a review of some new cuisine I will be trying tonite!!



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  1. Aww pretty flowers. I remember during training for broad street last year, my 9 mile training run was torture. I was thinking there was no way in hell I’d be able to run one more, I chalk up finishing to race day adrenaline.

  2. I’m new to your blog…is B the boyfriend?

    Those tulips look beautiful! Its the first sign spring is here! 🙂

    Congrats on running the 9 miles

  3. Don’t you just love the excitement of seeing vegetables and other garden plants growing? I’m in GA, so we are a little ahead of you growing wise…and I saw my first flowers on my tomato plants today…made my day. 🙂