Guava Goodness


Hello from my friend the Phanatic!

This happy guy was hanging out down by Boat House Row during my run. He is part of The Phillies and the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation’s  (GPTMC) “Phanatic Around Town” public art project. There are 20 of these guys scattered throughout the city. I was happy to see this one so close to where I run! I’ll be on the lookout for others during my travels in the city.

Now onto tastier things…

It’s Kombucha Friday again here at The Bright Side!

I was very fortunate in that I was able to pick up several new flavors to try on sale at Whole Foods this past weekend. Like I have mentioned before, these teas can be pricey.

From my experience, when first opening a Kombucha tea, one must be VERY careful to not cause an explosion from the natural effervescence (trust me, I’ve done it and it ain’t pretty). After successfully opening said tea, I like to smell the flavors. In the past the Mystic Mango had an obvious mango scent (duh) and the Trilogy had a distinct ginger smell to it.

Today’s flavor, Guava Goddess (no I don’t make up these names) took me on a walk down memory lane. My experience with Guava has been in the form of pastelito de guayaba y queso, a Cuban dessert made with guava paste and cream cheese that is baked inside a pastry crust-much like an empanada. They are my all time favorite dessert and although they are hard to find they will ALWAYS remind me of my trip to Little Havana in Miami.

My father was born and raised in Cuba and came to the US as a boy. He and his six siblings were grew up in PA and eventually my grandparents moved to Miami to get away from the cold. One year (I must have been 12 or so) my dad decided that I was going to get to go on a trip with him to see “Grandma and Abba”. I was so excited; being one of three girls means there was always competition in the house. To make a long story short, we had a really fun trip, sightseeing and visiting with my grandparents. The one thing I still remember, to this day is the freshly made Guava Pastry my dad bought me from a little store in Little Havana. It was heavenly and ever since then I always check out bakeries to see if they might carry them!

:sidenote: I did find one authentic coffee shop in Philly that carries them but on the day I went, “Mama” hadn’t made them. I’ll be checking back though!

Guess my love affair with food started at an early age 😉 .

So back to this review. After the nostalgic first whiff I sipped on this pretty pink drink with a smile. The Guava Goddess is not nearly as “fizzy” as the other flavors I have tried! I like some fizz here and there but overall, the bubbles just take up too much space in my belly–one reason I’ve never been huge on soda. The guava added a smooth consistency to the tea and overall, I give this flavor a big thumbs up! I would say, 9 out of 10.

Just to recap we have:

Trilogy – 8/10

Mystic Mango – 8.5/10

Guava Goddess – 9/10

I am really liking this weekly Kombucha review! Can’t wait to get through all of GT’s flavors and try a new brand!

I walked home for lunch today to get in a little extra movement since I am working at the Melting Pot tonight and won’t have a change to get in a run or cross-training. I have the big 1-0 on the plan for tomorrow. Double Digits! I think my sister is planning on running at least 1/2 with me. Wish me luck on this test run of the Broad Street Distance! Might not have a recap until Sunday though, I am participating in a charity bar crawl Saturday afternoon in honor of a friend who passed away from cancer a year ago.



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  1. Ooooh good luck tomorrow with the 10, you can do it! Do you work at the MP in the city? I went there like 2 years ago and didn’t have time to eat my dessert course and got a coupon for a free one but lost it. So sad.