Coming up for air


That is certainly what it felt like on Monday evening. I find it hard to blog on the weekends sometimes, as I don’t always bring my computer along to where I am going. I don’t stress over it though, because I know I can always do a nice little weekend recap on Mondays! So here goes…

Saturday morning I was up and ready to tackle 10 miles. Only 3 weeks until Broad Street and I wanted to run 10 so I felt confident in the distance. It was pretty chilly (45 degrees) when I started but ended up being the perfect temperature once I was running. I would so much rather run in cold than hot. Anywho, it was REALLY windy for the majority of the run and I ended up doing about 9 miles. Not too shabby, although I really have my heart set on 10 miles so it looks like that is what this Saturday’s run will be for!

After my run I raced home to shower and get ready to head to West Chester with B. We were meeting up with my family and friends for a charity bar crawl in honor of our friend Jenny who passed away from cancer about a year and a half ago. The bar crawl was called “Wig Out Against Cancer” and required that you wear a wig for the festivities! Here are a few photos I snapped; they are pretty hilarious and it made for a fun afternoon/evening.

This is me with my mom and dad!

Me with Meghan, the amazing organizer of this event!

B and I goofing around. Doesn’t B look like Napoleon Dynamite?!

My with some of my favs – Beth, Meghan, Lauren, Me

I knew I had a ton of fun Saturday when I woke up Sunday not feelin’ too hot. I laid around for most of the morning on my parents couch; watched a movie and was just generally lazy. I actually felt pretty good come afternoon time; I honestly feel that my healthy approach to eating and living these days helps me to bounce back quickly when I fall off the wagon 🙂 . I spent the afternoon playing with Luna (look how cute!)

After playing with the pup I went to dinner with the family at my aunt and uncles. All in all a GREAT weekend with friends/family. I miss living in West Chester but am so glad that it is only a short car ride away!

Monday was back to work. I started off the morning with a Chocolate Cherry Bomb smoothie. I wanted to make sure I got back on track with eating because what I eat plays a huuuge role in how I feel. I had a pretty indulgent weekend and could feel that all day. I was finally feel better Monday evening after a day of healthy eats and a nice long walk on Kelly Drive with two of my Conshy girls Meghan and Krissy. Krissy is moving to Boston soon so we did a mini Philly photo shoot-here are some of the pics!

Ok well that is all I’ve got for now. Today looks like another typical weekday-run after work and making dinner with B. I hope you all had a great morning. See ya later!


4 responses

  1. To be 100% honest here, you look adorable with your short haired purpley-red wig!! 🙂

    • Aww thanks so much! It’s funny because I have pretty long hair, never had it very short and several people commented it didn’t look bad!

  2. I second the above comment. You look adorbs in the wig. Good to know if you ever decide to go off the deep end a la Brit Brit and the shaved head… 🙂