Good Morning/Afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Monday/Tuesday-I did! Yesterday I had some good eats-a smoothie for breakfast and these leftovers for lunch:

Monday night I made Thai Peanut tofu with mushrooms on whole wheat pasta. For some reason I was craving pasta so I made it! I know it looks a little icky but it tasted good!! My question for you all is regarding the tofu. I have only ever “Stir fried” tofu in a pan with sauce/veggies. Never baked it. The stir fying makes it taste good but sometimes the consistency freaks me out. Does baking tofu change the consistency?? I really need to try it but thought I would throw that question out there!

So after work yesterday I went for a run. For some reason my shorter runs (ie 3-4 miles) have been harder than my longer runs in terms of me pushing myself. Last night though I was feeling strong and it was cool outside; I was able to do almost 4 miles (about 3.8 0r 3.9miles)  in 37 minutes. I really wish I had a Garmin or something to track distance because that is the only thing I have trouble with. Luckily where I run most of the time(Schuylkill trail and Kelly Drive) there are mile markers, but I really would love to be able to run through my town and track distance. I do run for time/fun but when I am training for something distance is important to me. I just don’t have a couple hundo to spend on the watch right now-wish I did!

After my run B came over and we went to Panera for dinner. I had a GC for there and did not feel like cooking. I got the Pick Two with the Greek Salad and the Mediterranean Vegetable Sammy. Sorry there’s no picture. I inhaled this meal. It was good although I wish the salad had a bit less dressing on it. Once done I had to run to the store to pick up a few essentials and decided that I wanted to bake.

B actually picked out this mix for Oatmeal Muffins (I was feeling too lazy to make them from scratch):

The box called for 1 egg, 1 cup of water and 2T of oil. Instead of the oil I used organic apple sauce and I also added raisin. Kind of like oatmeal raisin cookies, but muffins instead. They came out AWESOME. Of course I had one last night with a little Cinnamon Vanilla SF Butter on top. Muffins right out of the oven might be one of my favorite things 🙂 .

I have a muffin pan that makes just muffin tops. Those are the flat ones above. That is actually my favorite part of a muffin and when I found this pan I HAD to have it. Anywho, the muffins came out great and had pretty decent stats, with about 150 calories a muffin, no HFCS, no Saturated/Trans Fat. Definitely a treat I will enjoy throughout the week.

Not sure if I had mentioned this a previous posting but I have been working on getting up earlier in the morning in order to squeeze in more time for making bfast, blogging and if possible, exercising. I normally wake up around 7am and have to be at work by 8am (don’t gasp, I live 5 min from my office). I have been working on getting up by 6:30am the past couple weeks and it has been working pretty well! that extra 30 minutes gives me time to make a smoothie, upload pictures, do some morning stretches, etc. Definitely worth it and I plan to keep working at it so I can have an extra HOUR to myself in the AM. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Since I had some extra time this morning I made a Cherry Chocolate Bomb, which I am seriously obsessed with. I love them so much. I have been making them very simply recently with just water, ice, frozen cherries, a scoop of Jay  Robb’s Chocolate protein and sometimes spinach or Amazing Grass. It is SO GOOD. I could drink them everyday; oh wait-I pretty much do!

I also got to pack my lunch with is kind of a smörgåsbord of things including a small apple from my dinner at Panera, a yogurt with one of my oatmeal muffins, sliced squash, blue corn tortillas and a dip of hummus and salsa (thanks for the idea Meghann!). I will probably spread all the delicious goodies out as my lunch and snack. I like having lots of things to munch on as opposed to one thing, like a sandwich or salad.

Can’t wait to dig in!

Time for me to run. I’m planning on running out at lunch in search of some new pants for work. I have to waitress tonight so I will see you kids back here tomorrow!



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  1. Baking tofu gives it a little crunchier texture when you bit into it. The muffin tops really are the best part!