Morning Run


Hello Friends!

I hope everyone had a nice Wednesday. Not to jinx it, but this week has gone by pretty quickly! I woke up this morning and met my sister for a 3 mile run on the trail. I rarely run in the mornings (other than on Saturdays) and let me tell you,  I need to start doing it more! I was up at 5:30am and and have so much energy today! Plus I’m in a great mood because I got my run early and can enjoy my evening out tonight!

After our run I came back and made Chocolate Cherry Bombs for my sister and I. It was her first time trying one and I think she liked it! I of course did!

Once I got to work I had one of my oatmeal muffins and a Stonyfield O’Soy yogurt. It was my first time having soy yogurt and I really enjoyed it. It doesn’t beat Chobani, but hey what does?

PS: How AWESOME is that cutting board above?! I got it while I was in Nicaragua and am in love. I basically just took this picture so you could all see it 🙂 .

I  am hoping today at work goes quickly because I have a fun night out planned. But first, some lunch. I made a “Mexican” salad with romaine, jalapeño hummus, salsa and a Sunshine burger. I also managed to get a few spoonfuls of FF Refried Beans on there too.

(it is so nice outside too! Look how sunny in the background!)

So B’s father is an accountant and since today is TAX DAY $$$ he takes his whole office (and family!) out for dinner in the city. Last year we went to Carmine’s in Atlantic City. It’s a family style Italian place (there’s a couple in NYC as well). The food was great and I enjoyed myself! This year they are staying local and going to a BYO in Philly – La Viola. I have heard good things about it but never been. I love love LOVE trying new places in the city and can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.

Lunchtime is just about over so check back tomorrow for my dinner recap and Kombucha Friday!



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  1. Oh my friend lovessss Carmine’s in AC, she goes all the time. I always wish I could work out in the mornings, but I would have to get up at like 445 haha which is just ridiculous. Have fun at dinner!

  2. Dinner out with a bunch of people is always fun!

    & I loveee running early! I feel like I can accomplish so much more during the day if I’ve already “gotten it out of the way”

  3. ahhhhhhh! i am a lurker, but love your blog 🙂

    i just have to comment – la viola is one of my favorite places in the city. the food is amazing, and i bring all visitors to la viola whenever they come into town. i hope you enjoy it – i can’t wait to see what you order. my favorite is the gnocchi with spinach and ricotta cheese… sooooo good!!!

  4. Good for you working out so early! And enjoy La Viola- it’s one of my favorite places in the city. OH and the mussels are AMAZING (for the non-veg).