Slacker Status


So yesterday WAS Kombucha Friday but I neglected to post my review-so for just this week, we shall call it Kombucha Saturday! This weeks flavor was GT’s Strawberry Serenity:

Kombucha is a versatile drink for indoor and outdoor activities. 🙂 That was cheesy–I was just playing around with lighting and got these two decent pics! So this flavor was just OK. It did not have a strong vinegar taste (GOOD) but the strawberry flavor was just so/so (NOT GOOD). It was disappointing because the other flavors I have tried have really had a POP of whatever flavor was in the bottle. This was not a BAD flavor, just not great. I would probably give it a 6 out of 10. Let’s hope next week’s flavor can redeem GT’s Kombucha!

I am sitting here typing this review, sipping on a post run cherry chocolate bomb. I just ran 10 miles! PDR AND I didn’t die. Yippee!

It was hard, but I ran with my sister and the weather was so amazing that we finished strong and happy. We stopped twice to tie a shoe and take a quick walk break and even with that, finished in 1:41:00. We were definitely running 10 min miles if not faster at some points and for me, that is great!!! I am so nervous excited for Broad Street and this run today gave me the boost of confidence I needed to know I can finish strong. I’ve only ever run two races before; both were within the past year and both were 5k’s. So it is safe to say this is a pretty big but attainable step up!

Gotta run for now! B and I are going to the Phillies game today. It’s pretty breezy here today but the sun is shining and I’m in a great mood. See you all soon! Go Phils!


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  1. Yay for 10 miles, you’re gonna breeze through Broad Street! Have fun at the phillies game, the bf and I were not properly prepared for how cold it got to get tickets and go 😦