I said Brrr…


It was chilly this weekend! Saturday night B and I met up with some of my friends from HS for a few drinks before the Phillies game. I am so glad I came prepared with a sweatshirt and fleece because it ended up being windy and COLD. B and I were talking and said it may have been as cold as it was during the World Series two years ago except then everyone was better prepared! We had a lot of fun; just wish I had some gloves!

Sunday morning B and I had a traditional NJ breakfast; at the diner! There aren’t many authentic diners in PA so I was excited to get to one in NJ yesterday. NJ Diners go all out; many of them even have bars! B and I split the hot cakes with fresh strawberries on top and a veggie/feta omelette. I was pretty hungry Sunday morning; I usually am not starving the day I run, but the day after. That happen to anyone else?

I finished up my Sunday with the usual grocery store extravaganza (WF’s, TJ’s, Giant). I made myself some dinner and did a short Pilates video OnDemand-my body definitely needed some stretching!

Annnd here we are on a Monday again! I have been doing a good job of getting up earlier than I have in the past. I am still shooting for 6:25/6:30am and it gives me plenty of time to get ready for work, make a filling breakfast and usually do some blogging. Speaking of filling breakfasts, today I made….

Oats! I have been on such a smoothie kick lately that I have been neglecting this breakfast super star. So without further delay, here is my mix:

  • 3/4 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/4 Steel Cut Oats
  • 1 Tbs Ground Chia
  • 1 nanner

I let all of that simmer together and topped it off with a scoop of Almond Butter. Not just any Almond Butter though; Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flax Seeds. WOW. Seriously in love with this stuff. I can not wait to try it out on an AB&J sammy!

I’ve got the usual day planned (work!) and am going to try and get some strength training in at the gym and maybe a short run or bike ride after work. I hope everyone has a lovely Monday. See ya!



3 responses

  1. I can only imagine how cold it was at the Phils on Saturday night, I was freezing by the end of our philly adventures and that was at like 4:00!

  2. I.Love.Diners.

    We have a 24 hour diner in my hometown & we go there after the bars and its so cute! I love it!!!

    The nationals game this weekend was chilly too!

  3. So glad you mentioned being hungry the day after your run instead that same day. I thought maybe it was my ULTRA slow metabolism. 😉 Found you though Rhodeygirl.