Tips on “Going Green”


Happy Earth Day! Today has been a beautiful day; perfect for celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself an extremist when it comes to doing my part, but there are things I do every day to help reduce my carbon footprint in hopes that Earth will be around just a little bit long than expected ;). That being said, here are some things I personally do to help out Mother Earth:

Walk to work when I can. I have a one mile walk and it’s hard to NOT enjoy it on days as nice as today!

Use my trusty (GREEN!) reusable water bottle.

Grow my own Fruits and Vegetables (in progress!)

Recycle at work and at home.

Carry and use Reusable Grocery Bags.

In addition to showing you all that I do to help the Earth, I thought I would bring in an expert on the matter to give you all some additional ideas on “Going Green” everyday!

This is my friend Meghan:

She is hugging a tree and with good reason. She is the Recycling Coordinator for the Borough that we grew up in. She is extremely knowledge in all things Green so without further delay, here she is!


Happy Earth Day everyone! As Steph’s #1 tree hugger friend I agreed to jump on here and send out some green tips for all of her followers! First and most importantly I want to remind you that taking care of our Earth shouldn’t just be a one day thing! It’s great to celebrate all the wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer us today, but we can’t forget about her once the day is over! These tips are things that you should think about everyday!

Living Green Tips:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

I know, I know…we’ve all heard it before, but this is the most basic way we can reduce our impact on the Earth in our everyday lives! Make sure you’re recycling everything you can! Check with your local municipality to see what items they accept and how they should be prepared to make sure you’re getting the most out of your recycling program. And don’t stop at your typical items to recycle either! There are ways to recycle almost all of your household items! Batteries, ink cartridges, computers, tvs, appliances, etc. Contact your Municipal or County recycling coordinator to find out where these items can be recycled in your area.

2. Shopping Green

Think green while you’re shopping by buying products with less packaging and that are made from recycled materials. Bringing along your own shopping bag, instead of using the plastic or paper bags provided by the store is another great way to reduce your waste! Try to check out a local grower’s market to get all your fresh veggies and fruits. Not only is it a great way to support your local farmers, but by buying locally you’ve already reduced your carbon footprint!

3. Composting

A backyard compost pile or bin is another effective and super easy way to reduce your waste (plus the end product is a nutrient rich fertilizer to grow a beautiful garden!). You can simply compost yardwaste by placing grass clippings, leaves, yard debris, etc. in a pile in your backyard. Be sure to turn the compost pile often (the material needs oxygen in order to turn into a good fertilizer) and make sure there is a good balance of “green and brown” materials. A good compost pile must have a good mixture of green material (grass clippings, yard debris, food waste) and brown material (leaves, soil, hay, etc.). Do some research online before starting your compost pile so you know exactly what you’re getting into! Also, be sure that if you are adding food waste to your pile, it is placed in an enclosed bin specifically for composting…if not you’ll have every animal in the area feasting in your backyard!!

These are very basic tips on living green, but very effective! Learning how to reduce your waste and being more aware of your surrounding environment is the best way to honor the beautiful things the Earth gives us everyday!

Happy Earth Day! Now get out there and hug a tree!!


Isn’t she great? She’s a gal who knows how to have fun in life AND be good to the Earth. I hope you have all found this helpful. It’s nice to have the obvious pointed out once in awhile. Time to get going, work to do and a run after work! Catch ya later!




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  1. Hello fellow Conshie worker! We had an Earth Day celebration in…one of the Towers…and I got some great stuff.

  2. great tips on everyday green living!

    i’m all about the reusable water bottle. mine is green, toooooo!

  3. Awesome post! 🙂 Goooo green! (thats geared towards my alma mater Colorado State University…right?!)