Girls Night and an Off Week


HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so happy to say that!

This week has DEFINITELY been an “off” week for me in terms of how I feel, when I’ve been exercising, etc. I have just been in a funk all week and because of it, haven’t been terribly motivated to run. Not so great since I have Broad Street in oh, 10 days!! I’m not worrying too much about it though; I’ll be out there for a longish run tomorrow and will have my attitude in check to start off next week right. Sometimes it’s ok to be pouty and grumpy!

Last night definitely helped my funk though. I had plans for a short run and then the skies turned black and although rain doesn’t bother me, thunder/lightening do. So I parked it on the couch with my roomie and we enjoyed watching some trashy TV and these goodies:

Yes it was and random assortment of things (wine, roasted sweet potatoes and tempah, blue corn chips, dessert) and YES that is a homemade ice cream sandwich and YES sometimes things like that do make the world alright. This definitely wasn’t the most balanced of meals but it did help make the roomie girl’s night a success.

I think one of the reasons this has been an “off” week is because I have a lot going on in the next month. Of course a lot of it is FUN stuff (Broad Street, a wedding, summer kick off party, etc) but it can be stressful planning for things and making sure you get everything done that needs to get done. I’ll survive though, always have πŸ™‚ !

Gotta run for now but I’ll be back for Kombucha Friday later today! I have NO plans for tonight which makes me super happy!



7 responses

  1. That ice cream sandwich looks like death! The picture is too close up and looks like a spaceship…then again, knowing you, you probably took that picture from across the room and it’s the size of a couch. mmmm

  2. those sandwiches look yummy! I might need to make some for myself tonight…and by might, I mean definitely.

  3. Well I was supposed to work the 2nd job but since I had issues with my car I will not be making it to KoP tonight. Result…no plans. I am thinking sushi. πŸ™‚