Girls Night – Take Two


Hello hello!

I hope everyone had a good Friday night – I did! I had mentioned yesterday that I did not have any plans for last night and was really excited about it. When I got home from work my roomie was there and we decided that on our “no-plans” Friday night we would make some homemade pizza and watch oh, 40 episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress”. We ran to the grocery store to pick up some essential ingredients in order to assemble our pizza:

IMG_1559 IMG_1560

For this pizza I used whole wheat dough, pizza sauce, part skim mozzarella, spinach and on my half, mushrooms and garlic as well. This pizza is so easy to make and always comes out tasting delicious. All you have to do is roll out the dough to fit in your pan and spread the tomato sauce. I like my sauce almost to the edges:IMG_1561 

After the sauce was spread I sautéed some mushrooms with a quick spray of olive oil and a little garlic:


Once the mushroom were done I put them on my half of the pizza and then covered the pizza with the mozzarella cheese:


Last but not least I sprinkled some fresh baby spinach on top and baked it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. It came out bubbly and crisp on the edges!


It was the perfect dinner for our Girls Night Take Two. I enjoy about a 1/4 of this pizza and there were tons of leftovers—lunch this weekend perhaps?!

This morning I headed down to Kelly drive to get in a run. Broad Street is next Sunday and although I wouldn’t say I am scared, I am definitely a bit nervous and excited. I have never run in a race so big or long (a 5k is the longest race I’ve run in and there wasn’t 30,000 people running it with me!). Today I did a decent 6 miles and enjoyed the scenery. Everything is so green and running right along the river makes me happy 🙂 . I have some cleaning/organizing to. do around the house and then I am off to waitress for the evening! I am heading home to my parent’s place tomorrow with B to celebrate my sister’s birthday which was on Friday.


See you all later!



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