Rainy Day Blues


Hey All!

I  hope everyone’s Mondays were a bit nicer than mine! Well my day wasn’t too bad, it was the weather that gave me a small case of the grumps. Nothing like sitting in the office and looking out on a grey sky!

Lets back it up though shall we? Yesterday was a busy day spent at home with the family. I went with my mom to a sorority function my youngest sister’s sorority held for families. It was fun and totally made me reminisce about my sorority days in college 🙂 .

Afterwards B and I ran around picking up a few things for my middle sister’s birthday dinner! On the menu last night was chicken and shrimp tacos, chips and homemade salsa and ice cream cake for dessert! I didn’t snap a whole lot of pictures, mostly because I was enjoying my time with the fam. My sister on the other hand got a few shots…

I actually had a great time cooking! It wasn’t anything terribly complicated to make but I just love being in front of a stove, mixing things up while chatting with friends/family! Everything turned out great as you you can tell by all the smiles!

Hey there good lookin’!

Happy Birthday to my middle sis Lindsey (who is in the middle!)

Everything tasted so good – maybe too good because I think I filled up on too many chips and salsa to fully enjoy dinner! Instead of making tacos, I decided to make a Mexican shrimp salad and it was perfect. I wish I had leftovers!

Although I was quite full from dinner, I did manage to squeeze in a piece of one of these lovlies:

Home made ice cream cakes! They are so super easy to make and taste waaay better than anything store bought. I love making them and they usually make an appearance at all our birthday’s thanks to my mom! I was able to get my hands on the scene today and help out with making them.

Today I definitely felt the after effects of over indulgence. That’s OK though because today is a new day full of Cherry Chocolate Bombs, Smoked salmon and broccoli slaw wraps, apples and Chobani! I have nothing planned yet for dinner, but I am definitely craving veggies! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!



5 responses

  1. Ahh sorority days. 😉 And you officially the 4th blog I have read today that made shrimp or fish tacos recently. Must be something in the air-or summer on it’s way. Homemade ice cream cakes?? That sounds too good to be true.

  2. monday was slightly disappointing with the lousy weather. it should be a rule that every monday must be bright and sunny.

    yummm, homemade ice cream cake!