So Close


It has been almost two months since my trip to Nicaragua. It was such a relaxing, beautiful and eye opening trip.

It made me miss the beach.

Last night B and I had dinner at his parent’s house and I couldn’t help but get excited talking with them about this summer at the shore. I do not have my own shore house but I have friends and family who are gracious enough to put up with me most weekends from June-August; B’s parents being two such people.

Memorial Day weekend is the official “kick off” to summer down the shore and I could not be more excited. I can’t wait for early morning runs on the boardwalk, pancakes and fruit for breakfast, napping on the beach, trying to catch waves, bike rides to nowhere in particular, HH beers on the deck and the salty smell of the ocean as you cross over the bridge.

Just one more month!


6 responses

  1. I looked at your Nicaragua pics on fb, looked amazing! What shore do you usually go to? I also cannot wait for the beach vacays this year!

  2. A beach vacation is the best!!! Soo close! My family is planning a trip to Pawley’s Island, SC this summer and I can not wait!

  3. Aaah yes– my boyfriend’s parents have a house in LBI and I love going there! I think we might be going next weekend if the weather holds up!

  4. I agree with the beach! I go to LBI for a few weekends and also Ocean City. May and June are the best months because it’s not summer yet, but the beaches and shore towns are already nice. Also, it is really fun to run a 5k in the south Jersey towns during these months. It’s fun to run and then go walk on the sand 🙂

    Also, just started reading your blog not too long ago and am loving it so far!