2010 Broad Street Run


Good Morning!

We got a crazy amount of rain yesterday! My office lost power for about 1.5 hours then was offline (aka servers were down) for another 2.5 hours! Lets just say 4 hours in an office, not being able to do work meant the internet on my phone got a lot of loving 🙂 . All is well now and I had a busy afternoon catching up on things.

So Sunday was the big 1-0 mile race I have been training for since mid-February. I have only run 2 small 5k’s in the past so this was a pretty big goal to work towards. I am happy to say that I stuck to a general training plan, with long runs on Saturdays and shorter runs during the week. I definitely could have benefited from strength training and yoga though; my muscles are TIGHT from the run!

The morning of the BSR (Broad Street Run) was a bit overcast, but warm. I got to the start with my sister and friend April and met up with Christine over at Philly Girl Runs. I was definitely excited and not as nervous as I thought I would be. April was running in a corral ahead of us so as soon as we got to the start she took off. My sister and I had plans to run together but she felt like running ahead a bit which was fine; Christine and I planned to stick together. I am glad we did!

When training for the run the temps ranged anywhere from 40-70 degrees, meaning sometimes I was running in long pants and long sleeves. What a treat then, to find out that on race day, the temps were going to be near 90 and it would be extremely humid out ::sarcasm:: Let’s just say that Mayor Nutter did us right by turning on the fire hydrants along the course and making sure there was plenty of water.

It was a tough run-the course was great and I definitely will do it again, but the heat made it hard. I walked through most of the water stations. I was not concerned with time for this race (although I did want to finish around 1:40:00), I just wanted to have fun and finish strong! Well I can say that although I did not meet my time goal (I finished in 1:47:58) I had fun, and accomplished my overall goal of running in Broad Street! I feel such a sense of accomplishment over this, being that I am new to running. I never would have thought I could run 10 miles, let alone in 90 degree heat! I feel very positive and excited to tackle new running goals; perhaps a 1/2 marathon in the fall?! I will leave you with a few pictures snapped by my Dad during the race. I had grand plans to take pictures and video with my phone but the heat really just forced me to concentrate on my running and nothing else :).

lots of runners!

VERY focused on my orange

We did it!! So proud of us Linds!

And then we hit the wall – I needed a nap!!

I hope you all have a great day; I am headed down to CBP to cheer on the Phils tonight with Meghan!



8 responses

  1. Great job, that’s about what I finished in last year! I can’t believe you ran in pants, I would have died! Half in the fall, yes yes yeS!!

    • Ha you know what is funny, I love those running pants (tights perhaps?) because they dont move or rub against your legs- they actually kept my pretty cool! Hooray for Halfs in the fall!

  2. Yeahhhh!!! Congratulations on a job well done!

    Next time you need SHORTS!!!! Lulu has some one sale right now haha 😉 I am trying to bring you over to the dark side!

    I am feeling great post race- how about you?

    P.S. It’s Sabrina aka RhodeyGirl but I am too lazy to sign out of bootcamp haha!

    • Thanks! Congrats to you too!!!

      I know I have been putting off going there because I am sure I will want everything in the store!! I do need a nice/fun pair of shorts for summer running!

      Feeling pretty great! A little soreness in my right leg but nothing bad — hoping for some cooler weather this weekend though!!

      I AM going to make it to a bootcamp class one of these days!!

  3. Fun run! Thanks for letting me come with! Sorry that I “took off” hehe. Can’t wait for much better weather for the Philly half! 🙂