Cinco de Mayo Lunch


Just wanted to pop in quickly and say hello — I hope you all enjoyed my yoga pose — I am excited to learn more and make yoga a regular part of my life!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I wanted to share with you my awesome lunch today. Sadly I will not be celebrating tonight (I have to work) which is a shame because Spanish/Mexican food is my FAVORITE.

I just got some new Flat Out Wraps to try and put together a little Spanish inspired lunch:

Mexican Wrap! Into this bad boy went:

  • TJ’s Jalapeño Hummus
  • tomato
  • avacado
  • salsa

It was SO GOOD. I ate it alongside some black bean dip, greek yogurt, spicy blue corn chips and a totally random side of seaweed salad leftover from dinner earlier this week.

It was tasty and very filling too! I hope you all have a fabulous afternoon.



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