So I tend to think of myself as a “quick-to-react” type person (which can be a blessing and a curse) with most things. When it comes to making choices about SIMPLE things, they are the ones I usually have the hardest time deciding on!

Example: I will stand in the toothbrush aisle at Target for a full TEN MINUTES looking at all the toothbrushes, their styles, prices, colors etc. before choosing one. Yea, I know.

So when I saw on WordPress that a new “theme” had been created I clicked on it to take a look. I usually don’t do that, but the theme name (Bueno) caught my eye. So I looked at it and it took me OH, 10 seconds to decide  that I LOVED this theme over my current one. So I changed! Obviously you will see this if you are visiting my site. I hope you like it 🙂 .

I’d like to add that I do have plans down the road to design and create my own bloggie theme for “The Bright Side” but my schedule just isn’t conducive to it right now. One day though!

I have been busy busy this week with work and fun activities (which I will update you on this weekend!) Must get some work done – heading down to the Phillies game tonight with all of my coworkers!!


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    • haha Yea!! It’s neat because there are different colors you can make the background. I just love pink so it worked out they had it 🙂