Phillies Phever and Mom’s Day!


This weekend was quite busy for this gal! In fact, I had quite a busy week! I got to:

  • head down to CBP THREE times to see the Phillies play
  • do yoga with Meghan
  • make veggie lasagna with B
  • work at the Melting Pot
  • celebrate Mother’s Day with my Momma and family!

It was a fun/busy weekend though! Friday was my company’s annual Phillies Outing. This year I was able to bring along Meghan for some Phillies fun! It was quite the outing with an all-out tailgate! The game was great too – I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Look at that spread!

Meghan and I with my co-worker Dan

Friends at the Phillies game!


Thanks for coming along Meghan!

Perfect night for a game!

As you can see we had a lot of fun 🙂

Saturday I FINALLY put air in my bike tires and rode over to Meghan’s to do some yoga/stretching. Earlier in the week Meghan and I had tackled the P90X yoga DVD. Let me just tell you, it was HARD! At some points I got a little discouraged but had to remind myself that I am new to yoga and need to give myself time to get better. So on Saturday Meghan and I did the P90X Stretching DVD which was more like an hour of some stretches with lots of yoga mixed in. It felt good and I feel ready to start running again since Broad Street.

note: I have not run at all since the Broad Street Run for a few reasons, but mainly because of some lingering aches/pains in my left calf and ride Glute muscle. I have been doing a LOT of stretching and am hoping that this week it will feel good enough to get a short run in!

Saturday was a pretty lazy day for me – I did some cleaning and watched the Phillies on TV. B was at the game Saturday with a friend and once it was over I headed to his place to make dinner and hang out. We ended up creating a veggie lasagna which was so good! I have never made lasagna on my own and can’t wait to make it again! (Sorry there are no pictures I forgot my camera at home!)

Sunday was Mother’s Day of course!! I worked at the Melting Pot for a couple hours and then went home to celebrate with my family. I am very lucky to live so close to my parents-I get to see them almost once a week. For dinner we had grilled chicken (fish for me!) roasted potatoes, pasta salad and cake!

It was all very good.

All in all, a good weekend. I am sure there is lots more to tell but I’ve got a lot of things on my “To Do” list this week and need to get to it!

I hope you all have a great Monday-and I will see you all back here soon!



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  1. I’ve done the P90X yoga DVD several times now and MAN, is it still brutal. That first 45 minutes definitely leaves me wanting to die every time. If you stick with it though — you will definitely see improvement!