A Good Run and A Full Tum


Ok so I just wanted to rhyme – I know tum is probably a really cheesy 5-year-old term for stomach but hey, I do what I can 🙂 .

Today was a good day! Work went by quickly, I had some good eats, a great workout and now I am watching a Law & Order marathon and eating some dark chocolate!

Breakfast was my go to these days — Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake (aka the CCBS). I munched on some dried apricots and dates before lunch too. For lunch I had a special treat. My Dad was in the area on business so we went out! We went to a pub style restaurant and I had their featured salad which had Rockfish, greens, onion, tomato, blue cheese and apple. It was good although the fish was pan fried and tasted a little too buttery. I really enjoy it when my Dad comes for lunch – we got to catch up and hang out even if just for an hour.

The afternoon went pretty quickly — I finished up work and headed down to the gym. It was still pouring outside so I did a total of 4.3 miles in 50 minutes. I ran the first mile, walked a half mile, did some speed work and finished off with running another mile. I left feeling pretty great.

Dinner was quick and easy; whole wheat spinach and cheese ravioli from WF with 2 servings of stirfry style veggies and some tomato sauce. I added some garlic and onion for flavor.

MmMmMmMm! Good times. I may have also had a scoop of PB and a few tortilla chips. In hindsight I was probably just very thirsty but felt like I was starving!

Before I go I just need to show you all a picture of the bridesmaid dress I just bought for my friend Lauren’s wedding in October. It’s from JCrew and I am kind of in love.

What do you think?!

Gotta run, have a good night!


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  1. I know I already told you this, but I really love that dress, I kind of want it for every day use and not bridesmaid usage!