Before the Shore


Good morning!

I had plans to start my morning off with a run outside but when I woke up, it was pouring out!! I’ve done runs in the rain but decided that was not really what I wanted to do today. So I packed my bag and plan to get in 4 miles on the treadmill after work 🙂 .

Last night for dinner I kept it pretty simple. I am trying to use up stuff I have at home before I MUST go food shopping. That meant I had an Sammy Thin with a Sunshine Burger, hummus, hot sauce and romaine. I also had a few dates on the side and a handful of (unpictured) Food Should Taste Good multi-grain cracker/chips.

I also tried to create an oatmeal cookie of sorts with 1/4 cup oats, 1tbs PB, some water and raisins. Um, it didn’t work. It tasted great, but was pretty much a lump of oats. HA.

So backing up to Saturday night — my roommate and I threw a “Before the Shore” party. This past fall we had a bunch of friends over at the end of the summer; a “Home from the Shore” party. If you are from the tristate area, or know anyone who is, you probably know that weekends are spent at the shore! Either you have a house, your parents have a house, your friend of a friend has a house…you get the idea. EVERYone makes their way down to the shore on the weekends. So my roomie and I decided to throw a party before everyone “disappears” down the shore for the summer. Just like our last two soirées, this party was a success! We kept it simple by purchasing a large amount of beer (aka a keg) and ordering food from an awesome local place called The Couch Tomato. Everyone who came brought a drink or snack too. We had a great time as you will see!

I don’t consider myself an expert party planner or anything, but I love bringing people together for a fun time! Can’t wait for our next soirée.

Now it’s time for me to go make a CCB and brave the rain to head to work. Have a great day!



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