Kombucha Friday!


Hi my name is Stephanie and I just created the tastiest lunch ever, thanks to some inspiration from the Happy Herbivore! I had seen this recipe on her site earlier this week and really wanted to make it. Except there was a problem, I didn’t have any salsa on hand. Womp. So today I was at a loss for what to make at lunch and decided to put my own spin on HH’s wraps. For your viewing pleasure….

I am telling you-go make this right now. It was SO GOOD and so easy to prepare! I made my version by taking a cup of chickpeas and throwing them in a sauté pan with some salt, pepper, garlic and onion. I let that warm up for a bit and then added in a 1/2 cup of plain tomato sauce. Of course you can add other veggies or use the salsa the recipe calls for. Once it was warm I spooned it into my lettuce wraps (I used just three) and sprinkled some feta on top. YUMMMMM. Just believe me when I saw it was so tasty.

So not only did I create an awesome lunch, but I participated in today’s official (???) “Bike to Work Day” which is apparently part of National Bike Month. Who knew?!

Bike Month

I had seen information about it on Twitter and since I usually make Friday my walk-to-work day I decided to bike.  I figured it would be easy since I would get to work faster and not be walking in the scorching sun for 18 minutes. Uh, it was HARD. I guess I forgot to factor in that I can’t bike the same route I walk–which meant two hills I had to climb while wearing a backpack and jeans. Not so fun. But I definitely felt good once I got there!

Before I head out I leave you with my Kombucha flavor this week!

Say hello to GT’s Cosmic Cranberry.I decided to give GT’s another try and was not disappointed. I really liked this flavor because it was tangy like the citrus flavor but had a hint of sweetness from the cranberry. I would definitely get this one again. One thing though….I know a lot of people get freaked out by the fungus floating around that you have to swallow. I have had no problems with it before – I don’t taste it or notice it when I swallow. Today though, when I opened the bottle there was a nice fungi strand attached to the cap!! I will admit it was GROSS and I freaked out for about a minute and then got over it 🙂 . Ohhh Kombucha I love you.

Hope everyone has a Fab Friday! I’ve got work tonight but check back later this weekend to hear all about the wedding I am going to on Saturday and some Philly Phun I am having on Sunday!



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