Cooking for ME


Three day weekends are great because you have an extra day off, but I also love them because it means I only have a four day work week to return to! Since my mega food shopping trip last night was such a success I had a day full of awesome eats.

This morning I got up and did a quick “Good Morning” routine-it only took about five minutes but it got me going! I did

  • 20 pushups
  • 25 situps
  • arm circles
  • plank
  • lunges

After showering and getting ready I made the “usual” – Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake

This one was REALLY thick and delicious. I think it had to do what the fact that I added more ice than water at the end. Tasted just like a thick chocolate milkshake – without the stomachache after ūüôā .

I also packed a snack for work – some TJ’s Peanut Butter Pretzels and a couple dates.

I love being able to come home for lunch because it gives me time to prepare delicious lunches without doing it the night before. Today it was a HUGE salad.

This bad boy contained almost every kind of vegetable I had! Butter lettuce, spring mix, squash, red pepper, carrots and celery. I topped the salad with some smoked salmon, TJ’s hummus and some salsa. Totally random I know, but the flavors worked well together!

I had a glass of mango lemonade with some water. It was SWEET. All together:

I packed an afternoon snack of 1/2 a chickpea blondie (aka blondie mush – I dont think they cooked long enough!) with some vanilla chobani and frozen strawberries. I had a Trilogy Kombucha as well to pep me up for my run after work!

The work day went by quickly; we have been busy and I thrive in a busy environment! The end of the day came and I headed home for a run. It was close to 90 degrees in Philly today. I knew I had to get out there and work hard if I plan to continue running throughout the summer and prepare for a 1/2 marathon this fall. So off I went!

I ended up being out for an hour and covering about ¬†4.5 ¬†miles – I ran about 2.5 and walked the rest-I chose the really HILLY route. If you’ve ever been to my town you would know we have some big hills! You know how people say “I need to get out and clear my head?” That is what I do on my runs/walks. I don’t spend time thinking of everything I have to do and all the things on my plate, I literally think about nothing–I CLEAR my head and enjoy my surroundings. It really helps me get a grip on life and not get too stressed.

I was a hot mess when I got home so I  hopped in the shower quickly and got down to making dinner. I make dinner a couple times a week for myself and B but mostly I am on my own and the one thing I LOVE about cooking for one is that I can throw together a random mix of foods that I want and call it a meal. So while I was preparing my meal I munched on some organic baked blue corn chips and some pineapple salsa.

For the main event I roasted some sweet potato rounds, sauteed some squash (with balsamic vinegar and agave) and heated up some Amy’s Tomato Bisque. It was a very shapely dinner – aka lots of circles and squares!

Let me tell you, this soup was AMAZING. Don’t ask me why I was eating soup after being out in 90 degree heat for an hour, but it was what I was craving. I know this meal doesn’t look terribly colorful but the tastes made up for it. I rounded out the meal with another 1/2 of a Chickpea¬†Blondie¬†with a smear of Almond Butter and a swig of soymilk.

Annnd now I am sitting in bed praying the Flyers win tonight!!! I am going for a walk early tomorrow morning with the roomie so I need to get some sleep! Have a good night kids!



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  1. I can’t believe you ran outside yesterday! Too hot for me, I needed the AC so treadmill for me! Hooray for a flyers win!