Pizza Disaster and Packing


My apologies for not posting the past few days! On Monday I was up to my neck in undercooked pizza dough and lamenting over my major homemade pizza FAIL. Yes, you can close your gaping mouths now–it IS possible to mess up making pizza. Let me explain….

It started innocently enough with a package of Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza dough. I prebaked it a bit and then added my tomato sauce, squash, peppers, spinach and asparagus with goat cheese sprinkled on top. Apparently I did not 1) leave it in long enough and 2) spray the pan enough because what came out was something of a goo. A tasty goo, but a goo nonetheless. I had a couple blobs pieces of it before wrapping up the leftovers. Here is just an idea of what the mess looked like.

Perhaps I had too much sauce/toppings? Who knows. Next time will be better though!

Although Monday’s dinner was a bust, the rest of the day was good! I started off with a SIAB – inspired by Kath.

You know how I love my smoothies in the morning and I’ve been meaning to try making a smoothie in a bowl. I can’t believe I waited to so long! Into the mix went:

This was such a good breakfast! The coconut oil hardened and gave some crunch along with the cereal. The banana definitely made the smoothie much richer and creamier than my normal CCBS.

After work on Monday (before said pizza disaster) I went to the gym and tried out the 45 minute treamill workout I had seen on Tina’s blog. There is a running and walking option and I started off following the running program and ended with the walking program. It was a great workout and I was a hot mess at the end! After the gym (which is in my office) I walked to the CVS about a mile away and then walked home. It was a great workout and it was so nice to be outside!

Work has been busy busy recently but today was my last day until Tuesday. Why do you ask? Because I am headed to North Carolina (Southern Coast to be exact) for my cousin’s wedding then back up to Raleigh to see my two best friends from Elon!  Liz and Leland both came up to PA for my birthday in November so it has been over six months since we have all been together and I can’t WAIT to see them.

I’ll have my laptop and camera so expect a couple posts while I’m away! I’m excited for a couple days near the beach. I’ll be heading to Elon this weekend too – back to where it all started 🙂 .

I’ve gotta run, I’ve got some PACKING to do!


3 responses

  1. AWWW how fun! I love seeing familiar faces on the blog. Trade Joe’s pizza dough is so frustrating sometimes. It took me a long time to get it right. I had forgotten to spray the bottom once and the entire crust stuck to the pan…disaster 1. I also used to put the toppings on before the crust was pre-baked…disaster 2. And many times I have added too many toppings and sauce so the middle gets really soggy…disaster 3, 4 ,5, 6, etc. Now I pre-bake the crust on a greased pan till its pretty much done, add a little sauce, a few toppings, and it’s always great.

    I’ve never tried a smoothie in a bowl..sounds fun!

    Tell Liz and Leland I said Hi! 😉 Have so much fun!

  2. hey girl – a tip for the pizza dough:

    PRE-BAKE IT! i dont know if it says to do that on the directions, but if you roll it out RELALLYYY thin and pop it in for 5 or 10 mins before you top it, it helps a lot!

    • you are so right! for some reason my dough would NOT roll out! it kept breaking all over and I pre baked it for about 8 minutes and it STILL came out mushy. Ill have to give it another go!