Well I made it – I survived NINE hours in an SUV with my two sisters and parents. It wasn’t easy, but we did it ;). The trip actually didn’t feel long at all. I passed the time by having a GLEE singalong, taking pictures, napping and checking email. Our trip to NC took us down the coast from PA into DE, MD, VA and finally NC. I have a few photos capturing the scenery on the way down, but first some breakfast pictures! We stopped at Wawa where I got a banana, iced coffee with skim milk and sugar and an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato.

I ended up eating the banana (not pictured) later in the afternoon, along with waaay too much of my mom’s homemade chex mix. I really only eat the chex cereal, but I probably had 2 bowls+ worth of it. Eeek! Ok so back to the trip. It was a scenic one as you will now see.

Dover Air Force Base – Dover, DE

Middle of nowhere- MD ūüôā

Getting ready to go over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel

Momma and I

We made it! Welcome to Atlantic Beach, NC.

Once we arrived we checked in and my sister, cousin and I went for a short run-probably about 1.5-2 miles. It is HOT and HUMID here. We immediately went to the beach after and ran into the water in our running gear. It was so refreshing. The water is really warm! After a quick swim in the pool and showers our two families met and went to dinner nearby.

While we waited we decided to have some fun and goof around. We are all very close and range in age from 18-26. It’s nice having an couple extra sisters to joke around with!

We made a new friend while waiting for our table!

I enjoyed a Baybreeze – perfectly refreshing on vacation

Just as the sun started to set, our table was ready!

Hooray (me and my sister)! HA- This might be the funniest/my favorite picture of the trip so far. What are we DOING?!

Once seated we order some appetizers for the table. I munched on some homemade potato chips and blue cheese and tasted the lobster dip. I also had some cornbread from the bread basket.

After perusing the menu for about oh, 5 seconds I knew exactly what I was getting:

Shrimp and Grits (sans sausage)!! When down South, do as they do!

It was SO good! There were tons of mushrooms and peppers in a red sauce with the shrimp and cheesy grits. I usually associate grits with breakfast but these worked so well with the cheese and flavors of the mushrooms and shrimp.  Since I had eaten so much beforehand I only ate about 1/2 of this. I also enjoyed a small glass of Bogle Chardonnay.

After dinner we all came back to the hotel lobby and hung out with some of the other wedding guests/family. I had a Sam’s Summer Ale and a couple chocolate chip cookies and called it a night. I was up at 8:15 this morning with a plan to visit the hotel fitness center. I followed the 45 min treadmill workout I did the other day – I chose the walking route. I covered a little over 3 miles in 47 minutes and was a sweaty mess! After my workout I met everyone downstairs for breakfast!

Egg “nuggets” (as my cousins and sisters named them) and a piece of WW toast with Peanut Butter.

And this mixed fruit. It tasted good but I seriously could not identify what it was which kind of freaked me out. I only had a few bites and decided to create one of my favorite combos instead.

PB Toast with banana! I also drizzled some honey on top. The breakfast offerings were pretty decent for being complimentary. They had waffle makers, eggs, sausage, muffins, toast, bagels cereal, fruit, etc. I may have to try out the waffle maker tomorrow – especially if tonight proves to be as fun as I think it will be ūüėČ .

After breakfast I had a conference call for work which took about an hour. It finished up right in time for me to catch up with my mom, aunt and uncle and friends to go on a 40 min walk. My body is so not used to this heat and humidity (How do you FL girls do it?!) so I was yet again drenched after this excursion. I am getting ready to head down to the pool and beach for a bit before getting ready for the wedding! It is an outdoor wedding at a Country Club right on the water. I’ll be back tomorrow with lots of fun pictures! Have a great day!

Ta -Ta!


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