NC Wedding Recap


Hello! After I landed yesterday I had a few things to take care of at my parent’s and then I headed to B’s to see him and make dinner. I missed him! We made a veggie filled dinner of zuccini, tomato and onion over some wheat pasta. Backing up though to this weekend — I want to give a recap of my cousin’s wedding in North Carolina.

The wedding took place on the southern coast of NC, in Atlantic Beach. It was at a Country Club and as you will see, the actual ceremony was outside. My cousin and his now-wife did most of the planning themselves and it turned out very nice! The food was good and the dancing was fun.

After the ceremony my family and I snapped a few pictures. We are rarely all together in the same place so when we are, we like to have proof! 🙂

Throughout the night I sipped on some white wine and beer, but was super excited to see they were offering my favorite beer that night: Blue Moon!

Dinner was served buffet style and included pork, chicken, fish, salad, vegetables and warm roles. It was very simple but good. I loaded my plate with salad, zucchini/squash, a roll and a small piece of fish.

The fish was a tad dry so I only had a few bites but the salad and veggies were really good! I ate them all.

After dinner all of the fun began. We did a lot of dancing and the DJ played fun, current music. My cousin is younger (about 23) so his music choices were great for dancing! He and his wife also picked some great, “classic” wedding songs too (Brick House anyone??).  I managed to snap a few pictures with my sisters throughout the night – here are a few.

(Me and Lindsey)

(Me and Karleigh)

Then it was time for my favorite part – dessert!

The cake (or cakes!) were very unique. It was a frozen mousse with a thin layer of cake. There was a passionfruit mousse and a strawberry mousse. Both were so amazing. So different than a traditional wedding cake but perfectly fitting for the bride and groom – my cousin (the groom) went to Johnson and Wales and is very into cooking as is his best man. His best man was the one who made the cakes! I thought that was a really special gift he was able to give to them. I give it two thumbs up!

It was a a fun night spent eating and dancing. It was great to see my extended family. I was one tired girl though because I could barely keep my eyes open once we returned to the hotel!

The morning after the wedding I hit the road with my Aunt and Uncle with just one destination in mind : Raleigh to see my best friends! Stay tuned for my recap on our lake house adventures, southern potluck lunch and Elon fun!



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