Weekend Recap Part Dos


I figured I should probably finish up my recap from last weekend since the upcoming weekend is almost here! But before I get to that I wanted to show you the simple, random, easy, delicious meal  I made for B and I on Tuesday night. It started like this:

And ended like this:

Sometimes it is the random dishes I create that taste the best! I basically sautéed the mushrooms, zucchini and squash in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper until they were tender. I then simmered the chickpeas and diced tomatoes and “smashed” the polenta with a little Earth Balance and water. This whole meal probably took 20 minutes to make including preperation and cooking time. And there were lots of leftovers. My kind of meal!

OK back to my weekend :). I have a cousin who lives close to where my college friends live so my aunt and uncle offered to drive me to my friends. We had a great car ride chatting and before I knew it, I was hugging some of my best friends! I spent the weekend with my college besties Liz, Leland, Staci and  Shannon.

We made a quick stop at the food store and were off to Staci’s lake house for the night. We had grand plans of laying on the dock catching up but an awful thunderstorm rolled in and we were FORCED to go eat Mexican food and rent a movie. 🙂

We rented Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Lets just say it may not have been the best choice of movie to watching while it was pouring down rain and thundering all night. The next morning got up early and headed to Staci’s house. Staci lives in the country just outside Elon and I LOVE visiting her home. We used to go home on weekends with her in college and go to church and have breakfast with her family. I was happy to be back! It was nice to be out in the country, get some fresh air and snap some good photos.

After all the picture taking we went to church and to a real Southern Potluck after! There was so much food, but I decided not to snap any photos. It was so refreshing to be around people who were genuinely excited to have you there and just wanted to chat chat chat. We all had a great time and before too long it was time to head to Raleigh for the rest of my stay. Many thanks to Staci for hosting us last weekend. It was so much fun and I already miss it!

There was one stop I requested we make on our way back to Raleigh; ELON! I hadn’t been in two years and was dying to go. It was SO HOT outside but we managed to take a mini driving tour through campus and hopped out to snap some pictures. It was so good to be back on campus. It brought back so many memories; staying up late editing a paper in the lab, walking home from a fun night at the bar or just sitting in the grass catching up with friends. I miss it a lot, but enjoy the freedom and independence I have from standing on my own two feet in the “real world”.

These girls make me smile 🙂

We ended our Elon Photoshoot on the steps of the building that I spent most of my college career in. We decided to have some fun with my DSLR. This is what I like to call “JUMPERS” 🙂 Enjoy!

Try out a new restaurant in Conshohocken tonight! Check back tomorrow for a review!



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