The Stone Rose


Last night had all the makings of a perfect night out.

1. Perfect weather – warm with a cool breeze.

2. A fun walk with friends.

3. A fabulous restaurant!

This week is Conshohocken Restaurant Week and when Meghan suggested we grab dinner I immediately said yes. Our friend Lauren came as well and we had a great time! We decided to have dinner at The Stone Rose. I attended a Happy Hour there in the fall but never had a chance to enjoy dinner so I was excited; the Restaurant Week menu looked so good!

There were four courses being offered and you were able to choose something from three different courses. I immediately thought salad, entree dessert (I loooove dessert!) but instead went with salad, appetizer and entree. Everything was  great as you will see but in hindsight I definitely wish I had gotten something sweet instead of an appetizer. Live and learn I guess 🙂

Being the professional restaurant diner, I took I look at the menu ahead of time to choose exactly what I wanted get an idea of what I wanted.

I started with the crab and avocado salad which came with field greens and a roasted pepper.

It was divine! The crab tasted very fresh and the avocado was creamy. The field greens had a light lemon vinaigrette on them which cut through the creamy avocado perfectly.  I ate it all!

With our dinner we enjoyed some white wine which went perfectly with the cool summer night. We had pinot grigot and a sauvignon blanc throughout the night. I love dining outdoors, especially with a crisp glass of wine in my hand.

The second course was timed perfectly and we were able to let our salads settle before having our appetizers. I chose the Polenta Parmesan Fries with Mushroom Gravy. I had read about these in various reviews of the restaurant and the owner personally recommended them  when I was there for Happy Hour in the fall. So it obviously wasn’t a hard decision.

YUM! I may have burned my tongue on first bite because I was so excited to try them. I am always an impatient eater. Once I got over the pain radiating from tongue I was able to fully enjoy the crispy exterior and creamy/grainy interior of these “fries”. The mushroom gravy was tasty and went well with the dish. It was a very rich/filling dish so I was glad I shared with Meghan and Lauren.

I snagged a few of Meghan’s mussels too. They were served in a white broth which was good, although I prefer tomato based broths for my mussels :).

I was starting to get pretty full at this point! We were having a great time chatting and watching all the cute dogs walking by. Did I mention I have “puppy-fever” right now? Well I do. I am trying to control it for as long as possible but it is a losing battle right now. I have thrown around the idea of fostering but I am pretty certain that would lead to me adopting multiple dogs and I don’t think my roommate would be  terribly pleased with that. I’ll keep you all posted though on my puppy ploy (yes, I’m scheming).

Ok so back to dinner! Our entrées arrived nicely timed once again. There was only one “I only eat fish” friendly options which I was perfectly happy ordering. I don’t doubt that if I had asked the owner for a vegetarian meal he would have happily said yes.  The meal was sushi grade yellow fin tuna with a cold wasabi noodle salad and green beans.

I will admit that this was probably my least favorite course. I have a “thing” with fish. It’s a texture thing and as weird as this sounds, I really only LOVE fish when I am eating it as sushi. For some reason seared tuna never really does it for me. So that is my fault. I didn’t eat too much of it, although it was cooked perfectly! The cold wasabi noodle salad was good but had a tad too much mayonnaise for my taste.  I love sesame oil and that flavor came out great but I really couldn’t taste any wasabi. I love cold noodle salads but wished this one had a bit more wasabi heat and a little less mayonnaise.

Meghan and Lauren both had the Scallops and Risotto dish which was very good! I tried the scallops and they had a nice flavor to them and were a good texture. There were mushrooms on top and they had such a hearty “meaty” flavor to them – Love this!

The three of us sat around chatting and enjoying the night for awhile longer until this happened:

No more wine! We paid our bill and thanked our server Zack (who was wonderful!) before walking back to my house. I LOVE being able to walk home from a great dinner.

Such a wonderful night with friends! I don’t see these girls NEARLY as much as I would like. Next time you are in the area, definitely check out The Stone Rose. It’s a must try!



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