Sweet Summertime


Happy First Day of Summer!

It feels strange saying that since the past several weeks sure have felt like summer! This weekend was no exception! After my bike ride Saturday I got ready and went home to see my dad. I wasn’t going to be with him ON Father’s Day so I wanted to give him his gift and visit before I left. My dad should win an award for raising THREE daughters who all turned out pretty great! We always used to joke around because my Dad was the ONLY guy in a house full of women. Even the pets were always girls. I think he still managed to be a pretty awesome Dad regardless! Love you Dad!

After a short visit I went to my friend Lauren’s for a small party celebrating her anniversary with her husband. She had a very small ceremony last year so the party Saturday was for family/friends who couldn’t be there last year. It was really fun and I had a good time chatting with her family and enjoying the weather.

Lauren and I have known each other for almost a DECADE now! We met in high school and have been friends ever since. This picture was taken on her wedding day last year. I love this photo and actually have it framed in my room!

After saying my goodbyes at the party I hopped in the car for the drive down the shore. It did not take very long and I was there by dinner time. I love the part of the drive where you go over the bridge to whatever shore point you’re headed to. To me that is the official WELCOME TO THE BEACH!

Saturday night B and I went to a friend’s house in Stone Harbor and hung out before meeting his brother and sister at the WhiteBriar for a couple drinks. Of all the shore bars, my favorites are the ones where you can be outside. B made a good point Saturday night when he said, “why would I want to be at the shore and stuck inside someplace with no windows?” I agree! We didn’t stay too long though; we wanted to be up Sunday to fully enjoy the shore. And we did! It was a beautiful day.

After spending a couple hours at the beach we came back and had dinner before driving home. It was another fun (although short!) weekend at the shore. I love the shore — being there really helps me relax and “re-center”.

This week coming up is going to be pretty busy! I have something exciting going on so check back later this week. Enjoy all the extra sunshine we get today for Summer Solstice!



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    • haha I do toooo! Even if its 100 degrees outside, windows must be down and there must be a good song playing.