One of THOSE Days


It is AMAZING outside today. I cringe everytime I think about how much longer I am stuck inside until I can go out and play! And on top of that I am just having a womp womp of a day at work. Just gotta keep that chin up!

So I am seriously in need of a trip to the food store but am refusing to go until after the holiday since I’ll be down the shore for 3.5 days. That means that my meals this week have been random but hey, I’m working with what I got! For example, breakfast this morning was a PB and banana sandwich because I have no spinach or milk for my normal morning smoothie.

For lunch I had a wrap that had about 1/4 of it torn of for so odd reason. I put some hummus and zucchini in it with some water melon on the side.

I’ve got some Chobani with berries and B Thinks This Would Be Better Without Pistachios then dinner is a complete mystery. I’m heading to WC to ride with Meghan and we’ll go from there :).

In happier news…guess what I did today?!

Registered for the Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon!! Super excited/terrified. Training will start in August but I’ll be busy with bike training until then!

Gotta run-pray this day goes quickly so I can enjoy an awesome ride outside!



3 responses

  1. Our posts are eerily similar. I have no food due to an upcoming vacation and I also signed up for the half, haha. Will you want to do long runs with me?

    • you know what, I was just thinking that too!

      And YES I definitely would love to do long runs with you – I think they’re better with a running partner!

      • If I register today… can we run together too? I am just going to assume that is yes, and I will register now.