Change of Plans


Yesterday sure was a busy but great day at work! I also had to work at the restaurant last night so needless to say I didn’t have much time to blog. But here I am!!

I had grand plans today of waking up and hopping on my bike for a 20ish mile ride. I was extra excited because I have been waiting to use THIS:

My new Camelbak! This is the Women’s Charm style. I love the red and “marshmallow” colors.

I’ve been eyeing Camelbaks for awhile now. My sister always used one in college because she was on the cycling team and ever since I started to run more I have been trying to find a way to stay hydrated without feeling weighed down or having to actually carry something.  As soon as I officially try it out I will let you know what I think.

So I jumped out of bed this morning, with all of my biking gear laid out and ready to go. It wasn’t until I looked out the window and saw the sight below that I decided there would have to be a change of plans.

RAIN! It is actually pouring right now. Pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to a ride!

Gotta roll with the punches though so instead of a ride today, my sister and I are going to go on a fun longer run tomorrow (6 miles or so?) into town to get coffee. I am headed back to WC this afternoon to see my family and some of my friends and be a spectator/cheerleader for the 2010 Iron Hill Twilight Criterium!

Here is some information from the event website:

Since its inception in 2004, the Iron Hill Twilight Criterium has become one of the most popular cycling events in the area, growing in size and importance year after year. Count on some of the best national and international cyclists to compete. Once again, the Iron Hill Twilight Criterium will close out the first half of the multi-race Pro Men’s Criterium leading up to the Finals in September.

Iron Hill Twilight Criterium


I went last  year and had such a good time. Downtown WC is so nice and you can easily walk around and catch different parts of all of the races. After the men’s elite race we have plans to grab dinner downtown at one of my favorite restaurants. I plan on bringing a rain coat because the race is on, Rain or Shine!!!

See you kids later!



2 responses

  1. I’m excited to hear how the Camel Back works out, I have seriously been thinking of purchasing one.

    I might head to the Twilight Crit tonight too, I’ll keep my eye out for you!

    • I’ll def let you know how it works out! I’ll be the one tonight in the bright red raincoat if this weather keeps up!!