2010 Iron Hill Twilight Criterium


Happy Monday Kids!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I sure did! My weekend was full of running, eating, walking, window shopping and bike racing.

I got to WC Saturday and it was still raining; I was hoping the rain would stop in time for the Iron Hill Twilight Criterium Race! Luck was on my (and the thousands of spectators and cyclists) side because it ended up being a GORGEOUS evening all around.

I went down to the race with my mom and sister and we went to say hello to my dad who was volunteering at the race. In case you missed what the Criterium is all about, it is a professional cycling race that attracts riders from all over the world. There were three races Saturday evening; Amateur Men’s, Pro Women’s and Pro Men’s.

After saying goodbye to my Dad (who met up with us later for dinner) we walked over to the start line and scored some front row spots in the Iron Hill Beer Tent.

Beer+Awesome Weather+Excitement all around = Happy Steph

I had Iron Hill’s Cherry Tart beer which just so happens to be my favorite beer of theirs! They have a really great selection of beers and although I have tried my fair share of them, whenever they have Cherry Tart on tap, I get it.

I couldn’t stop smiling all day – even though I am not a cyclist and don’t follow the pro’s there is something about an event as big as this being held in your hometown that you can’t help but get excited about! Of course I wasn’t the only one who got excited – I was lucky enough to have Meghan and Lauren come up to hang out and cheer on the riders too. I split two more Cherry Tarts with Meghan while we watched the Pro Women’s and Pro Men’s races.

We spent almost all of our time watching from our spots out front of Iron Hill. It was the perfect place to snap lots of pictures!

About halfway through the Pro Men’s race we said out goodbyes and headed over to my favorite restaurant for a late dinner!

Teca is an Italian Tapas style dining restaurant with a wide selection of fresh meats, cheeses and wines. My favorite thing on their menu is not cheese or meat though, it is their Arugula salad with Calamari Fritti (fried calamari). It has capers, and lemon and olive oil drizzled on top. SO GOOD! Of course in the excitement of the night didn’t take a picture of my salad. Figures. I did get a shot of the Pinot Grigot that Meghan and I shared!

We had such a fun time eating, laughing and enjoying the night. My mom and her good friend Carrie were having a blast too!

The “girls” (me, Meghan, my sister, mom and Carrie) finished up the night with one last drink at a local restaurant bar. I tried Dogfish Head’s newest brew Sah’tea. It was really interesting; infused with Chai Tea. I liked it but felt it would be better enjoyed in cold weather. A great night was had by all and I am already looking forward to the 2011 Iron Hill Twilight Criterium!!!

Before I go, have I mentioned yet how much I love the fact that you can set a post to publish at a certain time?? It makes life so much easier–write a post before work or at lunch and set it to publish mid-afternoon! You definitely should try out Windows Live if you haven’t already. Gotta run back to work!



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  1. Steph- the picture of a beer in hand is fantastic! Looks like it was a great time!!

  2. Whoa! Not only did I get mentioned in the blog – THERE’S A PHOTO! Thankfully no cowbell face. Hah! I had a great time hanging with you all Saturday night!