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Cooking Club that is!

This past Tuesday was the first official meeting of the Cooking Club I joined. OK let me be totally honest. My “cooking club” is composed of myself, Meghan and Lauren. Remember when the three of us went to dinner at The Stone Rose? It was a delicious dinner but after drinks and tip, was quite pricey! So we decided that once a month, instead of going out to dinner and spending a lot of money, we are going to meet at each other’s houses and cook!

Since this was the first “meeting” we decided to keep things fairly simple but to give you an idea, this is how things will work:

  • each person is in charge of one course (appetizer or salad, entrée and dessert)
  • the hostess provides wine/drinks for the evening
  • you must bring all the ingredients for your dish, along with two copies of the recipe to give to the others
  • cook and have fun!

OK so we actually decided that the first “rule” of cooking club is that there are no rules. We are really using this as a chance to get together, try new foods and at the same time, practice cooking!

Our menu this week was as follows:

  • goat cheese, pear and honey crostinis (Lauren)
  • mushroom and asparagus risotto (me)
  • grilled peaches with brown sugar and frozen yogurt (Meghan)

So without further adieu, here is our dinner in pictures!

Tada! Everything tasted so delicious but the fact that we were all cooking together and sharing something with one another made it that much better. I had such a great time and left content and already looking forward to our next “meeting”.

Now it’s time to ask for your help! Obviously if we are going to be a “legit” cooking club our name can’t be uh “Cooking Club”. So start commenting with some ideas!! It is just the three of us for now but once we get into the  groove of things we’d like to share it with our other friends. We sat down and have come up with a year’s worth of dinner themes and ideas. I can not WAIT to get cooking!

Question: Do you belong to a club or group?? If so what type?

I really want to join a book club. Especially during the summer, I read a lot and want to find a group of ladies to hang out with and talk about, well, books!

Hope you all have a great night, I am off to see Twilight with my friends Beth and Lauren. We’ve seen the last two together so it’s somewhat of a tradition now!



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  1. Hi! I forget where I first saw your blog but I am a new reader and also a Philly native 🙂 I am part of a pretty big dinner club (about 70 of us) – we go to a BYOB somewhere in Philly once a month. We are called “world order of pasta”. Check us out on facebook if you ever want to come to a dinner!