Booty Kickin’


Five AM on Monday morning came a tad too quickly for my liking. I was at my parent’s place in WC until 10:30pm Sunday night and was NOT looking forward to just 6 hours of sleep! I did manage to roll myself out of bed and make it to BOMF on time.

Our team leader Lynne brought along her friend Nate, owner of Bodyrock Boodtcamp for a special Boot Camp class instead of our normal run. I was really looking forward to this because I love group classes, especially ones where the instructor is awesome and motivating you the entire way.

What makes Bodyrock Bootcamp unique is its belief in people mastering their own bodies before adding in “props” like weights and resistance bands. I really like this idea because it means you don’t need fancy equipment to get into shape.

Our workout lasted close to an hour and involved dynamic stretching to warm up as well as sprints, shuffles, high knee kicks, lunges, running and more sprints to name a few :). I walked away seriously sweaty and feeling pretty awesome.

What I loved about this class was the fact that I never knew what was coming next. Of course I was cursing under my breath come the third rep of high knee kicks followed by sprints but Nate kept us on our toes ;).

I would give this workout two big thumbs up–mostly because I can barely walk today! I really want to incorporate one day of non biking/running into my training schedules and this boot camp class seems like a great solution. I may need to squeeze in some yoga too considering how tight my muscles are today!

Bodyrock Bootcamp is having a special right now that I am considering taking advantage of- 30 days for $20. This particular boot camp would be very convenient for me because they have early morning and later evening hours and meet on Kelly Drive!

If you are in the Philly area and want to get a great workout, definitely contact Nate at Bodyrock Bootcamp!


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  1. Where did the bootcamp meet? I passed a couple of crazy looking bootcamp groups on my run this morning — one on the grass between Llyod Hall and the Waterworks, and one on the river trail by Walnut Street. The Walnut Street people were doing some ridiculous thing where they kind of hopped/climbed the steps from the trail to the street on one leg – I hurt just looking at them!

    • It’s the Walnut Street one! Check out their website and if you think you might want to go sometime let me know! Evenings are usually best for me.

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