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Lauren’s Bachelorette Party


Finally Back!!
I felt a little lost all of last week without my computer, but I have to admit, it was slightly refreshing to not be jumping on the computer right after work! I have a bunch to catch up on and want to start with last weekend’s bachelorette party fun!

My former roommate Lauren is getting married in October and on the 21st was her bachelorette party! It was a full day event including a visit to the spa, dinner in the city then out for dancing and drinks! We all got hotel rooms and stayed over so we didn’t have to worry about driving! It almost felt like a mini-vacation in Philly!

It was a gorgeous day and we pretty much had the entire spa to ourselves. There were mimosas, muffins and bagels and we all enjoyed cake after our treatments! Lauren’s MOH made really cute T-Shirts for everyone too! I obviously took a ton of photos so here is a handful from the afternoon!

After a very relaxing afternoon at the spa it was time to head downtown to check into our hotel and start get ready for dinner! We had some down time so we all took naps, then enjoyed some wine while getting ready! We may also have had a photo shoot, I definitely took a lot of pictures; here are a few!

Dinner was at Tequila’s, located in the Center City area of Philadelphia. Since we had a large party we arranged for a Prix Fixe menu that included appetizers, an entrée for each person, dessert and open bar for everyone. Tequila’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant and has been open in Philadelphia for 24 years! Being a Mexican food lover, I have had my fair share of Mexican so when I say this was some of the best, I mean it. Everything was fresh and delicious. The staff was so accommodating, making sure I had appetizers and a meal with no meat in it. Our server brought out a vegetarian plate for my entrée and I think a lot of the girls were pretty impressed with what they came up with!

On the plate there was a LOT of cheese and because I had eaten so many appetizers, I didn’t make it through a whole lots of this. The guacamole was awesome though, as was the rice and stuffed poblano pepper!

I think it’s safe to say the bride-to-be had a great time at dinner too. The staff even surprised her with a shot and sang to her!

I think we were all in a bit of a food coma so walking around the city in search of the perfect place to dance and have drinks definitely helped! We stopped in a couple different places and had a great time!  (no pictures because I took my camera back to the hotel after dinner). All in all the party was a huge success! Lauren had a great time thanks to her amazing MOH Beth who did a fantastic job planning everything.

I am so excited to be a part of Lauren’s big day in October (did I mention I’m a bridesmaid?!). I won’t have to wait long though to celebrate some more; her shower which is just a couple of weeks away!

I hope everyone made it through this hot and humid Monday. I’ll be back soon to tell you about some delicious goodies I’ve been eating and this past weekend at the beach!


BOMF week #7


This week is my 7th week as part of Back On My Feet and I am really enjoying every minute of it.

Due to work and other activities last week I was unable to make any of the runs and I definitely noticed a difference in my attitude/mood.

There is something to be said about waking up at 5am to go and run with a group of like minded people. We don’t always run fast, of very far, but we do laugh, talk and learn things about one another.

Getting up so early isn’t always easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it.


Hey everyone!
I had SUCH a fun weekend at my friend Lauren’s bachelorette party. The un-fun part was coming home and realizing that my laptop’s keyboard is NOT working. I had a mini freakout but am using B’s computer now. I’m hoping one of the awesome IT guys at work will take a look at it this week. Until then I may not be blogging much but I’ll be back!!!


Spamps Sushi Night


On Tuesday night I went out with my roommate Stephanie and a couple friends to  celebrate Stephanie’s birthday.

We decided to try out Spamps’ Tuesday night “Buy One  Roll Get One Free” deal.

We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that they had $5 glasses of wine as well – score!!

We decided since the sushi rolls were BOGO to choose some of their specialty rolls we might not normally get since some were almost $20! I don’t remember the names of all four rolls but they were all delicious!!

After devouring our rolls the four of us decided to order a couple more rolls to share. We were pretty let down when we found out the sushi bar had run out of rice!! I took that as a good sign, meaning everyone loves their sushi.

To make up for it our server brought out dessert-on the house. It was the perfect birthday treat – it was rich and chocolaty and just plain awesome.

We ended up having a great time! We got a little goofy and took some fun pictures but it was just what I needed.

If you are ever in Conshohocken, definitely stop by Spamps for their Tuesday night sushi special. Definitely worth it!

Happy Birthday Roomie!

Question: What is your favorite sushi roll?

My current favorite is actually a vegetarian roll with mango and avocado in it from Whole Foods!


Cooking Club Part Duex


It’s good to be back! OK so I didn’t actually go anywhere, just took a breather from blogging-I’m back now and ready to get up to speed. I went to the gym after work–ran 2.8 miles and biked 4.5 miles. I haven’t actually been inside my gym in over a month — I’d much rather be outside!! I just grabbed a quick shower and am sipping on this beauty while I write:

Fleur De Lehigh – Philadelphia Brewing Company. I really like PBC’s different beers. This one in particular is gingery with lots of citrus flavor; perfect for summer! OK so lets rewind a bit, shall we?

Last Thursday was the second meeting of the cooking club (Girls Bite Out!)  my friends and I started and our theme this month was Phillies Tailgate. This month I was in charge of dessert, while Meghan made the main dish and Lauren took care of the side dish.

Since we went with a Phillies theme we served both mushroom and chicken cheesesteaks, homemade crab fries with cheese sauce and with a little inspiration from Sabrina, Philly Soft Pretzel Chocolate Bread Pudding.

Meghan did a phenom job on the cheesesteaks-I LOVE mushrooms and along with some peppers and cheese, this cheese”steak” tasted like the real thing!

In case you started scratching your head when you read Crab Fries, let me explain. If you are from the Philadelphia area you definitely know what I am talking about. In case you aren’t, crab fries are something that are sold at Phillies baseball games. They are fries covered in Old Bay seasoning, served with a thick, cheesy sauce.


Our fries didn’t look quite like the ones above but tasted just as good! And they were baked-SCORE!

This was a VERY rich a decadent cheese sauce–something that would probably cause a heart attack if eaten daily 🙂 .

Last but not least, dessert! Back in April when I saw this post on Sabrina aka Rhodey Girl’s site I KNEW I had to make it. I was waiting for the perfect time and last week was it! You can check out the full recipe on Sabrina’s blog but trust me – you need to make this.

To go along with our awesome meal I bought a case of PBO variety pack — my favorite was their Kenzinger flavor.

So there you have it! Another successful GBO Cooking Club! We already have a date set and theme planned. Look out next month to see what we’re up to!

Gotta run-going out for sushi to celebrate my roommates birthday! Happy Birthday Steph!!

Miss Cranky Pants


I had grand plans of telling you all about my weekend filled with friends, puppies and awesome Italian food. OK I actually still plan on telling you but not right now. I had to be up at 4am today so that I could make it to Philly by 5:30 for a Back On My Feet Run. BOMF welcomed their 9th Philly team today and it’s an all women’s team! It was awesome getting to be a part of it. You can check out the full story here.

But that’s not what this post is all about. I am rightfully naming myself Miss Cranky Pants today.  I think the 4am wake up on just 6 hours of sleep has done me in. I was a whiny complainer once 5pm rolled around. I cancelled my plans to go to boot camp because aside from physical and mental exhaustion, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be around me right now. 🙂

So what’s a Miss Cranky pants to do, all alone with no plans on a Monday night?? Cook of course! I swear, cooking is therapy for me. Now don’t get super excited, for dinner I had roasted sweet potato rounds with BBQ and ketchup.

Nothing glamorous, but it’s what I wanted. It’s what came AFTER that put a smile on my face!

Last week I tweeted out for help on how to use the plethora of tomatoes from my garden that were slowly taking over my fridge. Alexandra from Running Just as Fast as I Can came to the rescue with a super simple idea – roast  tomatoes in the oven with olive oil, onion and garlic, then blend! I almost cried with happiness over how EASY that sounded.

So I figured that the ONLY way to pull myself out of an incredibly bad mood was to get to work.

Super Simple Tomato Sauce

  • 3 large tomatoes (beefsteak?? They came from the garden)
  • 2+ Tbs Olive oil
  • minced garlic (to your liking)
  • salt, pepper and dried, minced onion

Combine all ingredients into a baking dish, making sure the tomatoes are coated on all sides.

Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, or until tomato skins separate from the tomato. You will notice that the juice from the tomatoes creates a nice “puddle” at the bottom of the baking dish.

Place tomatoes into blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into storage container. I opted to keep mine accessible for this week but Alexandra did comment that it will freeze well.

I ended up having 1/4 of a roasted tomato as part of my random dinner and wow was it good! I am super excited to incorporate my sauce for dinner one night this week. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out!

Thanks again to Alexandra for the great idea/inspiration.

And on that note, I think I will console myself with a frozen fruit bar and an 8pm bedtime. 🙂


A Body Rockin’ Bootcamp


Yesterday evening I got a serious sweat session in thanks to Nate of Bodyrock Bootcamp.

You might recall my bootcamp session last week with Nate and how much I enjoyed it. I decided to take advantage of the 30 Days for $20 deal and tonight was my first night.

Former Roomie Lauren and I met on the banks of the Schuykill just before 7pm for the bootcamp class. Let me say, last Monday’s class was tough, but I left happy and excited to take on today’s lower body bootcamp. Well, this picture may sum up what I was in for…


Because I had already been to one of Nate’s classes I thought this one would be tough, but relatively easy to get through. I mean I know his style now, how hard could it be?

Nate arrived and for the next 60 minutes I was sweatier, redder and more tired than I have been in awhile. Don’t get me wrong, 25 mile bike rides definitely leave me tired, but bootcamp style classes are totally new to me so it’s a challenge for my body.

I really love this type of class! I love being motivated by someone who has a workout already planned, focusing on specific parts of the body. Nate’s a great leader and I will be back for more workouts over the next month! 🙂


Before I go I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point. She has started a such a wonderful movement; helping women and girls see their true beauty, and to stop measuring their self-worth by the number on a scale. If you haven’t heard about her book, Operation Beautiful, please head over to the OB website and check it out!

Gotta run.


Baking FAIL


Yesterday I got home from work  in the weirdest of moods. I had a nice little To-Do list and wanted to cross off as many things as possible when all of a sudden I got a huge urge to bake something. Don’t ask me why, but I did. So I decided to make vegan chocolate chip cookies, since I had a bag of carob chips just hanging out in my freezer (the best place for chips of any kind!).

I followed the direction to a “T” and thought things were going great.

That was until the 1/4 cup of water the recipe called for left the batter drier than the Sahara. So being the “creative” baker that I am, I just added enough water until the batter was like this.

Well, these cookies were terrible. I tried a couple different ones just to be sure. The consistency was like a blob. They tasted OK, but kind of bland–and the texture was so off that it made the cookie terrible and I immediately threw them out in a fit of rage. I’m serious. I didn’t even take a picture.

So there you have it, my big baking FAIL. It’s ok though because I got a bunch crossed off my “To-Do” list. 🙂


Question: Have you ever had a kitchen disaster and thrown away the time, ingredients and PRIDE you put into making something?

An UN-Conventional Way to Eat Oats!


What’s a girl to do when she’s craving oats but there’s NO WAY she’s turning on the stove in this heat?!

Make Un-Overnight Oats in a Jar! Now I am sure many of you know of or have tried OIAJ or Overnight Oats, but for those of you who have not, let me tell you-you’re missing out! It is super easy to make these oats and while some people will actually make the oats the night before, I took a cue from Caitlin and make them the morning of, on my way out the door  to work! I love how the Oats look in the jar, all mixed up. So here is what went into my mix yesterday:

  • 1/4 whole grain oats
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt
  • soymilk – add until the oats are the consistency you like
  • ground flax and ground chia sprinkled in
  • 1/2 of a pink lady apple, cubed
  • 1 Tbs of WF Mixed Berry Jam
  • blob of almond butter

That’s it! Just stir it all up and you have a filling, delicious and portable breakfast!

After work yesterday I went for a run outside. I filled up my Camelbak with water and ice and headed out. Let me just say, I am SO GLAD I got my Camelbak-I only ran a little over 3.5 miles but having icy cold water was what kept me going in the intense humidity. Definitely a purchase I would recommend to other runners, bikers, hikers, etc.!

After my run I grabbed a quick shower because I had an impromptu dinner date with my mom at:

The Melting Pot! I was really craving chocolate yesterday afternoon and suggested we go. My mom actually wanted to meet to chat about revamping her website for her handmade bags!

My mom is really creative and quite handy on the sewing machine-(ie: made our Halloween costumes every year) and now sells handmade purses, totes and diaper bags. Her bags are so awesome, I have quite a few myself. You can check out her current website here.

We chatted about a bunch of different stuff and ways I can help her out! We ended up getting cheese fondue, salads and chocolate fondue. It was definitely an indulgent meal, but worth it! It also didn’t hurt that I had just run before I went :).

Gotta head back to work-I’ll be hitting the trail tonight on my bike!!