Surprise Party!


Another weekend has come and gone; they always seem to go so fast!!

Friday I wasn’t feeling 100% – sore throat and stuffy nose. I loaded up on Vitamin C and ate a lot of veggies in hopes that I wasn’t getting sick. I was a little worried about not getting enough sleep though because I worked Friday night making lots of cheese fondue.

Saturday I woke up feeling better compared to Friday; I am thinking what I was feeling was allergies, and not a cold. Especially since I feel better than I did. I had plans for a ride Saturday with my sister and Meghan and her friend Little. We all met at my place around 10am and headed out. It was an amazing day and perfect riding weather. We rode to the Art Museum and onto West River Drive before heading home. It was a great ride—we ended up riding 25 miles in about 2 hours-I think our pace was around 11 minute miles. We stopped several times and talked most of the ride.


Saturday night B and his siblings threw their parents a surprise 60th birthday party (their birthdays are within a month of each other). They both ended up being totally surprise which is awesome since there were over 30 people invited and keeping a secret can always be a challenge.

IMG_0237 IMG_0236

The dinner was four courses including bruchetta and buffalo calamari, a mixed green salad, salmon (for me!), chicken or steak and espresso cake for dessert. The siblings also ordered these awesome cupcakes homemade by a family friend-chocolate chip pound cake with butter cream frosting.

IMG_0246 IMG_0247

IMG_0248 IMG_0255

Everyone had a really great time and we pretty much closed the dining room down!

IMG_0253 IMG_0260

Have any of you planned a surprise party before? I have helped in planning before, but never orchestrated one on my own. I’m a big planner so perhaps that will be my next “thing” to plan.

I happen to love surprises in case anyone wants to plan something for me 🙂

Sunday was a LAAAZY day. I did manage to get outside for a run; incorporating lunges and shuffles throughout. Other than that though…I guess you could say I caught up on all the TV I don’t watch during the week.

Back to the grind today. Check back later today to hear about the yummy dinner I made with some help from Buitoni!



2 responses

  1. ooh i love surprise parties! i had one for my sweet sixteen so many years ago, but i love planning one!! and those cupcakes sounds AMAZING!!

  2. thanks for helping and the nice write up. Fun watching “B” in his old family video being a cry baby. When is your birthday so we can have a surprise party. I guess it won’t be a surprise now. Had a cupcake yesterday–yum