Sunflowers and Ravioli


Hey Hey!

Is it just me or do Mondays seem to go fairly quickly? Call me crazy but I think they do. Anyways, my Monday was accompanied by a headache which was lovely–I think it might be allergies that are making me feel kind of cruddy.

Before I get into the random title of this post, I wanted to give an update on my Summer TO DO’s. I have to say I haven’t been doing too well, but vow to cross off at least a couple more in the next month!

Stephanie’s Summer TO DO’s:

  • visit the Philadelphia Zoo
  • take a tour of Troeg’s brewery in Harrisburg
  • go on the Philadelphia Ride the Ducks tour not gonna happen after this:
  • have a sunset HH on the beach – DONE!
  • tube down the Brandywine River
  • Phind the Phanatic Scavenger Hunt
  • plan an all day bike trip at VF National Park
  • Center City Sips! – DONE!
  • make ice cream and fro-yo at  home
  • get my mom to drink a smoothie with spinach in it
  • have Sunday brunch in the city
  • get a puppy (long shot but I had to slip it in there!!!)
  • make pasta sauce from my home-grown tomatoes!
  • go to the Bashful Banana Cafe for some Banana Soft Serve – DONE!

Now about those sunflowers…Remember this picture from this post awhile back?

I went back to the same restaurant where that picture was taken a couple weekends ago and look what it had become!

It got so big!! PS-do you like my dress? I kind of love it-I got it from a surf shop last summer and it’s such a comfy dress for hanging out down the shore.

Now onto the Ravioli’s–Agnolotti actually! The awesome folks over at Buitoni provided me with a coupon to try one of their Riserva pastas as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program. I was immediately attracted to the Wild Mushroom Angliotti because I love “mushies” so much. Paired with some zucchini and salad, this was a very simple meal to put together.

We decided to go with a mushroom marinara sauce on top of the pasta which was a good choice. They were extremely tasty-cheesy with that meaty mushroom flavor I love. A couple bites did seem kind of salty but I wasn’t complaining-I ate them slowly because I didn’t want them to be gone!

The salad was very simple and had my favorite summer salad topping-FRUIT!  I love it all; apples, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. You name it I’ll eat it on a salad. For this salad I tossed some mixed greens with EVOO, peaches and a few dashes of garlic and pepper. YUM.

It was an awesome meal and left me totally satisfied, which says a lot because I usually crave something sweet after dinner. I have the peach to thank for that 🙂 .

Before I go, I wanted to share this quote I read recently and really enjoyed:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

-Maya Angelou

And on that note, back to work!



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    • Haha totally planned 🙂

      I was just gonna comment on your post HERE but realized that would be dumb-so check your bloggie!

  1. I’ve had those agnolotti – they’re delish! And now I’m hungry… 🙂

    • YUM aren’t they so good?! I actually want to try and make my own sometime! I need the pasta “add on” tool for my mixer though!