Baking FAIL


Yesterday I got home from work  in the weirdest of moods. I had a nice little To-Do list and wanted to cross off as many things as possible when all of a sudden I got a huge urge to bake something. Don’t ask me why, but I did. So I decided to make vegan chocolate chip cookies, since I had a bag of carob chips just hanging out in my freezer (the best place for chips of any kind!).

I followed the direction to a “T” and thought things were going great.

That was until the 1/4 cup of water the recipe called for left the batter drier than the Sahara. So being the “creative” baker that I am, I just added enough water until the batter was like this.

Well, these cookies were terrible. I tried a couple different ones just to be sure. The consistency was like a blob. They tasted OK, but kind of bland–and the texture was so off that it made the cookie terrible and I immediately threw them out in a fit of rage. I’m serious. I didn’t even take a picture.

So there you have it, my big baking FAIL. It’s ok though because I got a bunch crossed off my “To-Do” list. 🙂


Question: Have you ever had a kitchen disaster and thrown away the time, ingredients and PRIDE you put into making something?


2 responses

  1. It SCARES the crap out of me to have a disaster like that. I think that’s why I don’t bake new things more often. Try the vegan cookies again though, maybe a different recipe. Been to Peas and Thank You? Mama Pea is a REALLY good cook/baker. Maybe it was the carob? I personally like the vegan chocolate better.

    • Agreed! Especially if you have to buy new ingredients and it FAILS. I love Mama Pea and really do want to try her Cookie Dough Bars she just posted-they look SO GOOD!