Spamps Sushi Night


On Tuesday night I went out with my roommate Stephanie and a couple friends to  celebrate Stephanie’s birthday.

We decided to try out Spamps’ Tuesday night “Buy One  Roll Get One Free” deal.

We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that they had $5 glasses of wine as well – score!!

We decided since the sushi rolls were BOGO to choose some of their specialty rolls we might not normally get since some were almost $20! I don’t remember the names of all four rolls but they were all delicious!!

After devouring our rolls the four of us decided to order a couple more rolls to share. We were pretty let down when we found out the sushi bar had run out of rice!! I took that as a good sign, meaning everyone loves their sushi.

To make up for it our server brought out dessert-on the house. It was the perfect birthday treat – it was rich and chocolaty and just plain awesome.

We ended up having a great time! We got a little goofy and took some fun pictures but it was just what I needed.

If you are ever in Conshohocken, definitely stop by Spamps for their Tuesday night sushi special. Definitely worth it!

Happy Birthday Roomie!

Question: What is your favorite sushi roll?

My current favorite is actually a vegetarian roll with mango and avocado in it from Whole Foods!



3 responses

  1. We went to Vic sushi in Spring House last night which is our favorite sushi place now. I am usually a sashimi and maybe a couple pieces of nigiri person BUT they have a roll called Ocean Brother roll that I absolutely love. I usually make P split it with me.

    • YUM! When I go out with my boyfriend we usually get sashimi too! I always used to be a roll person but love a good piece of fresh fish!

  2. This looks sooo yummy, Steph…. I’ll have to try that one from Whole Foods you suggested too!!!