Lauren’s Bachelorette Party


Finally Back!!
I felt a little lost all of last week without my computer, but I have to admit, it was slightly refreshing to not be jumping on the computer right after work! I have a bunch to catch up on and want to start with last weekend’s bachelorette party fun!

My former roommate Lauren is getting married in October and on the 21st was her bachelorette party! It was a full day event including a visit to the spa, dinner in the city then out for dancing and drinks! We all got hotel rooms and stayed over so we didn’t have to worry about driving! It almost felt like a mini-vacation in Philly!

It was a gorgeous day and we pretty much had the entire spa to ourselves. There were mimosas, muffins and bagels and we all enjoyed cake after our treatments! Lauren’s MOH made really cute T-Shirts for everyone too! I obviously took a ton of photos so here is a handful from the afternoon!

After a very relaxing afternoon at the spa it was time to head downtown to check into our hotel and start get ready for dinner! We had some down time so we all took naps, then enjoyed some wine while getting ready! We may also have had a photo shoot, I definitely took a lot of pictures; here are a few!

Dinner was at Tequila’s, located in the Center City area of Philadelphia. Since we had a large party we arranged for a Prix Fixe menu that included appetizers, an entrée for each person, dessert and open bar for everyone. Tequila’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant and has been open in Philadelphia for 24 years! Being a Mexican food lover, I have had my fair share of Mexican so when I say this was some of the best, I mean it. Everything was fresh and delicious. The staff was so accommodating, making sure I had appetizers and a meal with no meat in it. Our server brought out a vegetarian plate for my entrée and I think a lot of the girls were pretty impressed with what they came up with!

On the plate there was a LOT of cheese and because I had eaten so many appetizers, I didn’t make it through a whole lots of this. The guacamole was awesome though, as was the rice and stuffed poblano pepper!

I think it’s safe to say the bride-to-be had a great time at dinner too. The staff even surprised her with a shot and sang to her!

I think we were all in a bit of a food coma so walking around the city in search of the perfect place to dance and have drinks definitely helped! We stopped in a couple different places and had a great time!  (no pictures because I took my camera back to the hotel after dinner). All in all the party was a huge success! Lauren had a great time thanks to her amazing MOH Beth who did a fantastic job planning everything.

I am so excited to be a part of Lauren’s big day in October (did I mention I’m a bridesmaid?!). I won’t have to wait long though to celebrate some more; her shower which is just a couple of weeks away!

I hope everyone made it through this hot and humid Monday. I’ll be back soon to tell you about some delicious goodies I’ve been eating and this past weekend at the beach!



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